The biggest and boldest bring their Salesforce data challenges to Odaseva

A global financial services leader scales customer-centricity without compromising data integrity and security

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A Salesforce trailblazer achieves true mastery over their data and propels their digital transformation forward

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The high-end liquor and spirit brand distributor protects business continuity - and innovates faster

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Delivering comprehensive data management so a global not-for-profit can focus on its mission

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Belgium's largest energy company achieves the same control over Salesforce data as on-prem data

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A transport system servicing 8 million residents and 500,000 businesses achieves true enterprise-grade data protection that's more than "just" backup

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Before Odaseva, a global enterprise faced reducing the scope of their Salesforce deployment or changing their data model

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The largest hospitality company in Europe improves experiences for both guests and employees with Odaseva

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A multi-national real estate enterprise secures data with powerful encryption while complying with data residency and retention requirements

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A global tech leader migrates and protects critical Salesforce data thanks to Odaseva

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The not-for-profit benefits from the same level of data protection as Global Fortune 500 companies

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An Australian research effort protects data in 12 Orgs from just one Odaseva instance

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The French mutual insurance company rigorously tests Odaseva's data recovery capabilities using real scenarios to fine-tune RPO - and ensure success

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What our customers say

Salesforce AppExchange
Data is one of a company's most valuable assets. Odaseva protects that asset.
“At Capgemini, we decided to partner with Odaseva for their state-of-the-art platform aimed to protect, backup, and archive Salesforce data. Our customers need these capabilities on the Salesforce platform, either for their internal processes or to become compliant with regulations like GDPR. Odaseva’s level of commitment to security and their vision of data life cycle and management is very mature, and it stems from a strong understanding of the business requirements and the criticality of the processes they cover with their products, and also from the team’s deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, having team members with the highest level of Salesforce certifications. “
Doina Popa
CT Salesforce at Capgemini
Salesforce AppExchange
Great product, great team

I’ve had an amazing experience with the Odaseva team…the product suite is an absolute necessity if you are using Salesforce Clouds in an enterprise environment, especially after retirement of Data Recovery Service. Odaseva…gives expert advice on how to create comprehensive backup plans, taking into account all the intricacies of the platforms involved, and then they will build and run and monitor jobs and schedules utilizing optimal combinations of APIs and analytics.

Odaseva architects will provide full information related to proper Salesforce automation bypass strategy to help deal with undesired data transformations and negative impact on RTO that can happen during restoration activities. I’ve worked with Sales, Customer Success, Support, Training and other teams at Odaseva and my personal experience has always been positive. Keep up the good work!

Aleksandar Resan

Director of Revenue Operations at Manulife

Salesforce AppExchange
Peace of mind!

Odaseva gives us at The Linux Foundation peace of mind that our Salesforce data is backed up and can be restored if ever necessary. We’ve found Odaseva’s managed backup services to be particularly helpful, setting up and configuring our backup plan for us and running the backups every four hours. Our Salesforce Admin team has the confidence of knowing that our Salesforce data is backed up by Salesforce experts with the highest degree of security (a major factor in our decision to choose Odaseva). We also appreciate working with the Odaseva team, they are always helpful, friendly and knowledgable, a pleasure to work with.

Mindy White

Director of Sales Operations, Linux Foundation

The most flexible solution for backup and archiving

The platform its design is very intuitive. It is easy to navigate and understand its menus. The people and the team that makes up the company are always accompanying and hand in hand. The functionality is adapted, especially to the needs of such a large company.

Adriana C.

Salesforce Release & Rollout Lead

A complete Backup and Restore solution for Salesforce

The tool can backup a vast amount of data. The backups include the relations between the objects, which is more valuable than standard CSV files. The Odaseva team provides excellent, responsive support, training, and cooperation. Our team did several successful restore tests using the Odaseva solution. We are using Odaseva to do backups of all the data on Salesforce Organizations, perform data restoration and data sampling for sandboxes. Restore readiness audit is another excellent tool that results in Data quality, development patterns, automation and provides us an opportunity to clean up or essential fixes.

Administrator in Pharmaceuticals​
Very easy to backup data in Salesforce

I like the complete automation of data backup. We just have to connect our org with the Odaseva platform and thats it. Rest is taken care by their team. I also like the UI of the Odaseva platform. We can view all the governor limits and the org wide analytics at one place.

Revanth T.

Software Engineer III

Salesforce AppExchange
An excellent back-up and restore solution
“We have been using Odaseva for a while now and are very impressed with their solution. The backups are fast and optimised for our needs (high frequency on business critical objects). The team at Odaseva have been responsive and knowledgeable throughout the engagement. I can definitely recommend their data governance solution to organisations looking for a solution to protect their Salesforce data. Without doubt these guys are still the market leader in this space.”
Darren Lynch
Salesforce Platform & Marketing Cloud Product Owner at Macquarie Group
Salesforce AppExchange
I trust my data security to Odaseva

“Over 2 years into using Odaseva to backup, archive, purge and audit my data recoverability on orgs > 15K users. It has been reliable and the tech and customer support second to none. Even better: the fact that the training materials and usability of the product suite just continues to get better and better!”

Laurence Hill

Operations Manager at CarMax

Salesforce AppExchange
Great backup and restore product for Salesforce, outstanding team
“Club Med needed a reliable and easy-to-use solution to back up and restore our Salesforce data. Odaseva’s mature product, compelling roadmap, rigorous approach to data security, and strong services and support convinced our team that they were the right choice. Among these criteria, we were especially influenced by Odaseva’s security, which was comprehensive, and its customer support offering, which helped us set up and use the platform effectively. The solution was set up in a few hours, and the support teams assisted us very effectively in taking ownership of it. We also greatly appreciated Odaseva’s audit proposal of our Salesforce org, which will undoubtedly help us optimize the backup process, and we are eagerly looking forward to receiving the advanced training for the Club Med technical team in charge of the solution.”
Mehdi Malouche
Head of Salesforce Applications at Club Med
Salesforce AppExchange
The solution to backup a high volume of data!!
“We have a very customized org with a lot of data. We were not even sure a backup solution could handle such high volumes. It quickly became clear that being able to rely on experts to help optimize the backup plan and manage the load on the different APIs, is a huge time saver. I would recommend Odaseva to any large Salesforce customer.”
Charles-Emmanuel Sabourin
Engineering Manager at Axa
Complete features & Smooth set-up and usage

Odaseva was very easy to understand and to set up thanks to their engineering team. The main strength for us was that Odaseva not only offers Backup but also GDPR compliance thanks to data anonymization and sandbox seeding.

Consultant in Retail
It brings a lot of helpful resources like data seeding, automation and the backup & restore

Odaseva is the best tool with many other resources to work with data such as Data backup, scheduled backups, Data compare, restore, and essential data seeding. If someone is looking for maintenance of their corporate data, then Odaseva is highly recommended. I do have a requirement where I need to capture the data from Prod org and create/update the same in the sandboxes, where Odaseva helped a lot in that taking backup and compare the data against sandbox.

Administrator in Banking
Salesforce AppExchange
Data distribution to our Azure data platform and excellent customer service
We’ve been using Odaseva for distributing daily SF data into our Azure data platform. Odaseva has been flexible to tailor the feeds in times of mass data migration to ensure a smooth process. The customer service is very responsive and agile with the reliable feeling that we are working with an internal team member of the project who is listening to our challenges and problem solving with us, improving our data connection along the way.
Ming Henderson
Ming Henderson
Global Director, BI and Data Technology at PageGroup
Salesforce AppExchange
Powerful tool capable of handling high volumes of data on complex data structures

“Odaseva is a powerful tool capable of handling high volumes of data on complex data structures. It is a one stop solution for audit, disaster recovery and large data migration between environments. And since the addition of Org dashboards, we also use it to monitor Org limits and health. 

The Odaseva Team has always been helpful from initial setup to answering requests and communicating new features.”

Jean-Francois Ille

CCNA Delivery and Architecture at The Coca-Cola Company

Salesforce AppExchange
Great product and great features
“An amazing product providing [a] wide range of capabilities like Backup & Restore, Compliance suite, Data Anonymization, Data Archival etc. The whole infrastructure is managed by them which is a big breather for any company to decrease overhead and not to worry about security as all data is stored encrypted. The support is amazing and always on top of the issues with a blazing speed of response.”
Krishna Chimakurthy
Salesforce Technical Manager/Architect at Dropbox
Odaseva Provides Peace Of Mind & Trust

My team saves valuable time on critical data management processes, thanks to Odaseva. Another time-saver is the self-service Odaseva Learning portal, which speeds up training for new team members.

Mark L.

Senior Salesforce Administrator

Great Utility Application

Odaseva removes the task of needing to do manual data backups. This has proven useful in disaster recovery scenarios and for analyzing changes to data at given points in time.

Administrator in Insurance
Best in class backup tool for Salesforce

It is the most advanced, professional backup tool in the market for Salesforce. Odaseva offers professional services to their customers to help out with the initial setup and in case of any issue. There are many options to choose, such as backup frequency, full or incremental backups, one record / full dataset restores. All of this in a quite simple to use interface. All of the data is stored in the cloud and encrypted with a customer key which not even Odaseva will keep. It is the best solution to have Salesforce data assured without a substantial amount of effort.

Consultant in Information Technology and Services
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