A Global Biotech Company’s Success with Odaseva’s Data Archiving Accelerator

How a multinational biopharmaceutical company reduced data storage by 28% in one week


A large multinational biopharmaceutical company suffered from data storage challenges that prevented scaling up on Salesforce.

One challenge was that the company had exceeded their Salesforce data storage limits, and urgently needed a data archiving solution. 

Another challenge was that the only full sandbox for testing the app configuration was last refreshed months prior. This presented a “chicken and egg” situation because the company couldn’t refresh a full sandbox with production data because they exceeded data storage limits, but to reduce storage they required an archiving solution in place, which should be tested in a full sandbox aligned with production.

How Odaseva helped

Odaseva Expert Services assessed the severity of drift between the sandbox data and the production Org, supported by a period of “hypercare” during the initial production runs to monitor for anomalies so they could be immediately addressed. 

After comparing the metadata of both Orgs, Odaseva Expert Services found that there were no major discrepancies in the data models. That meant the risk of implementing the data archiving accelerator in the sandbox was low. 


Odaseva Expert Services built the Data Archiving App, which went through an extremely thorough testing by the company to validate its performance, which was important given the urgency to get the app running in production.


When the company began clearing the production data backlog, storage was at 469.9GB (115%).

After a week, their capacity was reduced to 339.3GB (83%):

130 GB of data removed from the Org

Data storage % reduced from 115% to 83%

Roughly 111M records archived in Odaseva

The Odaseva Data Archiving App solved the company’s data storage challenges by reducing stored data by 28% within one week, enabling the company to continue scaling up on Salesforce.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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