Salesforce Sandbox Seeding

Seed every developer sandbox with precisely the data you need, exactly where you need it, no matter how complex your data model is.

Why Odaseva Sandbox Seeding?

With the right Salesforce Sandbox Seeding solution, your organization can accelerate innovation while preserving sensitive data confidentiality. Only Odaseva delivers Salesforce Sandbox Seeding that meets the needs of the largest and most complex Salesforce implementations.

Test with confidence

When data in Salesforce sandboxes mimics the data model of production data, developers can test all scenarios and deploy code to production with confidence.

Accelerate release cycles

Catch data-related bugs at the beginning of the DevOps cycle. Create your own data scopes based on your custom model in every detail, and reuse them every time you need. Free up time used in adapting data scopes with a simplified UI.

Protect customer data

You can provide dev teams with relevant data sets, without sharing real customer data. Anonymizing PII respects customer trust by avoiding data breaches and interaction errors.

Only Odaseva Sandbox Seeding Delivers:


As a “no view provider” by design, Odaseva offers unmatched data security. We can never see your sandbox or production data.


Odaseva Sandbox Seeding fuels sandboxes of any size, and AI predicts and limits API consumption so you don’t risk hitting Salesforce limits. This is crucial when you are refreshing sandbox data several times per day as slow sandbox seeding can delay developer processes and stall innovation.

Complexity Control

Seed Salesforce sandboxes with even the most complex data models, including unlimited parent-child relationships, advanced granularity with no-code UI, and metadata.


Our deep expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem means we can recreate any data model or include your custom objects and managed packages, so all roadblocks are taken into account when populating sandbox data.

See how Accor Hotels optimizes release management with Odaseva Sandbox Seeding for Salesforce.

Accelerate innovation while maintaining compliance

When seeding Salesforce sandboxes with Large Data Volumes and complex data models, enterprises need a powerful solution built with their specific needs in mind.

Develop faster and with confidence

Replace time-consuming and difficult manual processes with data seeding automation, even with Large Data Volumes

Replicate representative data

Avoid errors by selecting consistent data sets with maintained object hierarchy

Protect sensitive data

Anonymize data values to stay compliant while retaining the underlying business information to develop, test, and train

Precise targeting

Accurately test all scenarios by seeding sandboxes with data for different models, such as EMEA or APAC records

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