#1 Enterprise Data Platform for Salesforce.

Global industry leaders use Odaseva to build a stronger Salesforce data value chain.

Your data. Your destiny.

You’re responsible for your Salesforce data. With Odaseva you can take full control of it, eliminate risks, and accelerate digital transformation with confidence.

Salesforce data management

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Data success starts here

The Odaseva platform is designed to help large-scale Salesforce customers excel at all three disciplines of Salesforce data management.

Data Protection

Keep customer data secure, intact, and available with the most powerful backup and archiving tools.

Data Privacy

Take full control over your data lifecycle and solve privacy compliance issues at the root.

Data Agility

Move data between production and non-production environments, to sandboxes, and outside Salesforce.

"Odaseva helps us manage Salesforce data in a simple, secure way. Where other solutions put the Salesforce platform first, Odaseva looks at data from a more holistic perspective, including our data model, data flows and processes."

To achieve simplicity, embrace complexity

At enterprise scale, Salesforce data is intricate and challenging. Simple data management is possible, but to get there enterprises need tools and expertise designed to scale. That’s why the world’s largest and most ambitious Salesforce customers choose Odaseva.
Sovan BinOdaseva CEO and Founder

Monitor your data. Know you’re protected.

Odaseva Analytics

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Odaseva Advanced Analytics give you total visibility into what’s happening with your data. Track big-picture trends like API consumption and data storage while monitoring everything happening on the Odaseva platform, all the way down to a single record restore.

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The #1 Enterprise Data Platform for Salesforce
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