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With Odaseva you can ensure data protection, maintain business continuity, meet compliance requirements, improve performance, and automate data processes.

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6 Concepts to Archive Salesforce Data at Scale

For large Salesforce Orgs, implementing an effective archiving strategy is mandatory. Learn why large Salesforce Orgs must archive data and the six related architectural concepts.


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Odaseva's Backup and Restore Solution Helps Michelin Manage Data at Scale


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Choosing the Right Platform for Salesforce Backup and Restore

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Why and how should you backup your Salesforce data?

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Data success starts here

Odaseva helps Salesforce enterprises protect their most valuable asset – data

Backup and Restore

The fastest time to recovery, with unrivaled API performance tuned by experts.

Data Archiving

Maintain data integrity and performance to keep pace with the real-time data.

Data Compliance

Automate data compliance for Salesforce globally, and enforce your policies.

Data Automation

Build your own automation with 40+ secure data operations.

"Odaseva helps us manage Salesforce data in a simple, secure way. Where other solutions put the Salesforce platform first, Odaseva looks at data from a more holistic perspective, including our data model, data flows and processes."

Data is at the core of large organizations. Odaseva exists to protect and secure it.

Odaseva takes the complexity out of Salesforce data protection for large enterprises. The Odaseva platform is built by Salesforce Certified Technical Architects so you can achieve the highest levels of security for your critical data.

Benefit from Odaseva’s deep expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem, experience with the world’s largest enterprises, and platform that’s been field-tested in the most rigorous and demanding Salesforce environments for more than a decade.

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Monitor your data. Know you’re protected.

Odaseva Analytics

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Odaseva Advanced Analytics give you total visibility into what’s happening with your data. Track big-picture trends like API consumption and data storage while monitoring everything happening on the Odaseva platform, all the way down to a single record restore.

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