Salesforce data management is complex. We’re here to help.

There is no room for error in the enterprise. Even the highest-performing project teams and Centers of Excellence need support with Salesforce data management. Odaseva offers support from some of the most experienced data management professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem, across all phases of the data lifecycle.

Odaseva experts are at your fingertips

Managed Backup Services

Customized setup and monitoring by data experts

Expert Services
Odaseva Services

Technical Architects for advanced use cases

Customer Success Services

Advice and guidance to help you make the most of Odaseva

Managed Backup Services

We customize and monitor your backup plan so you don’t have to
With other companies, you are responsible for setting up your own Salesforce data backup plan, and there’s no support available if you run into problems or roadblocks. Odaseva’s Managed Backup Services Team does all the heavy lifting for you by customizing, configuring, and optimizing your organization’s backup plan. We also monitor your data and notify you if something is amiss.

With Odaseva Managed Backup Services, you get:

  • A custom backup plan crafted and configured based on your Salesforce implementation and use cases, and optimized to use the lowest number of API calls possible
  • Monitoring of your backup plan and notification of any anomalies so you can mitigate and correct them quickly
  • Backup readiness in your data recovery path because our mission is your data success

Expert Services

Engage Salesforce Data Security experts to address critical business & technical objectives

We help you access the right skillsets for your needs, tap into unrivaled Data Security expertise, and extend your teams with speed.

The Odaseva Expert Services Team is staffed by Technical Architects with extensive Salesforce implementation experience at the enterprise level. Expert Services architects are embedded into your project team or Center of Excellence to provide the highest-quality hands-on training and support for the most complex Salesforce environments and use cases.

With Odaseva Expert Services, you get:
  • Multiple service options including advisory, audit, and implementation for Disaster Recovery Planning, Restore Planning, Archiving Strategy, Sandbox Seeding, Data Masking, Cloud Replication, Privacy & more
  • Personal, one-on-one engagement from our world-class team
  • Faster time to value, speeding up the implementation of your Salesforce data management process to achieve ROI more quickly
  • Training that enables your team to become self-sufficient and implement future use cases internally

Customer Success Services

World-class customer success and technical support, available globally
Lend Odaseva’s expertise to your Salesforce CoE with our team, offering both customer success management and technical product support. Odaseva’s highly-experienced global team is truly world-class, with a 4.8 customer satisfaction rating.
With Odaseva Customer Success Services, you get:
  • An advisor to your CoE and your organization’s stakeholders so you can have someone ‘in the room’ who has a viewpoint and expertise on Salesforce data management to consult with on data-related issues and questions
  • Access to extensive customer technical support. We continually expand our library of resources including a comprehensive Knowledge Base, best data management practices for enterprises based on our years of experience, live webinars, and more
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