How Odaseva Helps Coast Capital Credit Union Plan for Disaster Recovery


Protecting Salesforce data while adhering to data compliance requirements

Coast Capital is a member-owned financial cooperative headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia. It is one of the largest credit unions in Canada, with more than 592,000 members and 1,600 employees.

Coast Capital has high standards for protecting members’ data. Given the large membership base, Coast Capital’s Corporate Applications department collaborated with other internal teams to achieve company-wide Salesforce data protection goals, while also ensuring teams had the Salesforce data they needed to best serve customers and employees. Then they went a step further.

With financial institutions around the world appearing in the news for experiencing data breaches, Coast Capital needed to fortify Salesforce data against these threats. Moreover, as a financial institution, Coast Capital had to ensure compliance with data regulations.

And so Coast Capital sought a solution that could reinforce Salesforce’s out-of-the-box data protection capabilities.

Why Odaseva

Powerful data protection minimizes risk

To protect member data, Coast Capital needed to proactively mitigate risks to data security and minimize the impact of a potential data disaster. Coast Capital’s primary focus was to have a reliable Salesforce data recovery tool readily available as part of their overall disaster recovery plan. This would enable Coast Capital to easily and quickly restore data in the event of data loss or corruption.

Being a Federal Credit Union, the solution also had to adhere to Canadian regulations for financial data retention. This means certain types of data can’t be exposed to public cloud platforms such as AWS.

Odaseva’s powerful data management capabilities not only met Coast Capital’s rigorous selection criteria for an efficient data recovery solution, but also operated in accordance with relevant regulatory guidelines.


Proactively securing Salesforce data
  • Enterprise Backup and Restore
  • Advanced Analytics

Odaseva backs up 62 GB of data across 2700 objects

Odaseva backs up 135 GB of files

Backups run hourly, every 4 hours, daily, and weekly

Odaseva protects a total of 3.5 billion records for the company, while using 0.05% of their BULK API calls and 0.3% of available REST API calls


Strengthening a disaster recovery plan

Odaseva’s Enterprise Data Protection Platform helps Coast Capital fortify their disaster recovery plan. With Odaseva, Coast Capital is prepared to respond to data threats quickly and fully recover Salesforce data if necessary.

“The best part about collaborating with Odaseva is that regardless of whether data is on-premise or in the cloud, we are confident that our members’ data is in safe hands with Odaseva,” says Dwayne.

“Knowing that Odaseva handles our operations instills a sense of confidence, particularly in critical situations like catastrophic incidents or when testing our dealer backup labs.”

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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