The platform built to help enterprises take control of their Salesforce data

“We have a very customized org with a lot of data. We were not even sure a backup solution could handle such high volumes. It quickly became clear that being able to rely on experts to help optimize the backup plan and manage the load on the different APIs is a huge time saver. I would recommend Odaseva to any large Salesforce customer.”

In the enterprise, expertise matters

When you choose Odaseva, you’re getting a platform built by Salesforce Certified Technical Architects, proven in the most complex Salesforce environments in the world, and supported by a staff of experts ready to help you design highly effective data management processes and practices, not just use our technology.
Harold Lopez Customer Success Group Director
Complex Salesforce data

Built for Large Data Volumes and complex data models

Odaseva technology was designed to handle billions of records at speeds topping 300 million records per hour without compromising stability or control. Techniques like parallelization and API optimization come built-in, ensuring that even when managing complex objects with hundreds of fields or millions of records you stay clear of Governor Limits and complete every operation as fast as possible.

When data security truly matters, Odaseva stands apart

Odaseva is the only Salesforce Enterprise Data Management platform committed to “no view” partnership. We can never view your data. Ever.

We are also the only platform that offers a patent-pending five-level encryption model to all the data housed on our platform. With Odaseva, your data is encrypted at the network, disk, OS, granular column, and granular file levels. And we fully support AES-256 with Bring-Your-Own-Key.

On top of being SOC2 Type II compliant and ISO27001 certified, Odaseva provides detailed logs and event monitoring, and supports data residency anywhere in the world. That’s why we’re consistently chosen by customers in highly regulated industries.


Whatever role you play, Odaseva solves your most important data challenges

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