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Don’t develop your data governance processes, just install our Data Governance Apps.
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Are you in control of your SaaS data?

SaaS companies are in charge of the infrastructure and application layers, however customers remain in charge of their data.
What Data Governance processes do you have in place for your SaaS data?

Odaseva was born with the idea to provide enterprises running business critical applications in the cloud with a powerful, reliable, and complete data governance solution to complement their cloud applications providers, and remain in control of their data.

Odaseva provides pre-built data governance apps running on its Cloud Data Governance Platform to handle a broad range of data governance use cases in an automated, secure, and customizable way.

Evolution of Data Protection into Data Management

« Data Management, meaning the maturation of data protection and data preservation that adds contextual insight based on the data and the enablement of re-use of the data for other purposes, is a journey that all of us are on – whether we know it or not. »

Jason Buffington, on ESG Blog

Odaseva is the only Data Governance Platform for enterprises on Salesforce


In September 2018, ESG covered key products from the Odaseva Data Management Cloud in a full Technical Review led by experts Vinny Choinski, Senior Validation Analyst, and Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst.

“During our validation, ESG was very impressed with how comprehensive each component was.”

Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst for Data Protection and Vinny Choinski, Senior Validation Analyst

The need for a better and more efficient data governance

Odaseva provides much-needed solutions to a growing list of concerns for the data governance of cloud applications:


Need to provide an insurance against the increased threat of cyber-attacks

With automated attacks and ransomwares becoming the norm, companies worldwide need to adopt high-frequency data protection capabilities to be able to protect business-critical applications.

Volume of data

Need to automate the processing of an ever-growing volume of data

The data being generated is increasing dramatically, but not all of it is critical or fall into the same governance strategy. There is a need to apply different policies to different categories of data, at scale.

Need to reduce TCO and accelerate the time to compliance of new data regulations

New data regulations are being enforced around the globe, with them come profound changes in data ownership and governance strategy. Your data management solution needs to be an enabler and accelerator.

Odaseva is built for this new world

From its history to its architecture, Odaseva is built to help organizations meet these new challenges.

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Integrated solutions to modern data governance challenges

We have developed an expertise on SaaS data and apply the “as-a-service” model throughout our platform:

Data management

Completeness of data governance use cases

We offer a full suite of Data Governance Apps that are powerful yet flexible, easy-to-deploy yet configurable. Buying over building is a no-brainer with Odaseva.


Deep Salesforce and SaaS expertise

Our team includes several certified Salesforce experts: CTA, Developers, Administrators. Odaseva is made by Salesforce Architects for Salesforce Architects.

Industry leaders have already adopted Odaseva

Worldwide industry leaders such as Schneider Electric, GE, Robert Half and Toyota France are using Odaseva to manage their SaaS data.