Protecting Salesforce data for one of the world’s largest banks


A data loss incident can cause a business continuity catastrophe for any financial services institution. This is especially true for an Odaseva customer that is one of the largest banks in the world. The bank had extremely rigorous RTO and RPO standards given its size, the critical nature of the data stored in Salesforce, and the regulatory requirements of the finserv industry.

The bank’s Product Team sought a solution to protect the data in 8 Salesforce Orgs. They performed a competitive evaluation of many vendors in the market, considering each vendor’s:

  • Speed and performance capabilities to satisfy their RTO and RPO objectives, given the large data volumes in the Orgs
  • Stability, experience, and reputation
  • Security features capable of protecting the critical nature of their Salesforce data and the ability to pass their extensive security oversight process
  • Features from a user standpoint

Why Odaseva

No other vendor on the market met their needs for security, scale, performance, and technical capabilities. The bank spent more than a year evaluating Odaseva’s security and competence, including security audits and two third-party oversight evaluations. Odaseva now protects data for 8 of their Salesforce Orgs. They ultimately selected Odaseva because of the following benefits:

  • Superior technical performance
  • Speed of backups, given their extremely large data volumes
  • Deep experience and expertise in the enterprise Salesforce market
  • Compliance with GDPR and CCPA data regulations
  • Ability to offer full and incremental backups


For this organization, Odaseva backs up:

2+ TB of Salesforce data

2.5+ billion records

720+ objects

Backups performed weekly, daily, every 4 hours, and every 15 minutes depending on the criticality of the objects

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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