Salesforce Cloud Replication

Simplify and streamline data access by replicating Salesforce data to other systems.

Why Odaseva Cloud Replication?

Leveraging the Salesforce APIs to send data to a data lake, data storage system, or any other destination in the right format and frequency is no easy task. Effortlessly integrate Salesforce transport into your data routine with Odaseva.

The fastest extraction

Odaseva Cloud Replication was built specifically to handle Large Data Volumes. Extract up to 300M records per hour - without hitting Salesforce governor limits.

Reliable at scale

Our platform automatically adapts to Salesforce schema changes, so your integrations never break.

Conserves API calls

Limit API call consumption by extracting data from Salesforce one time for all your backup and replication operations.

Exhaustive Salesforce data source

Run your Business Intelligence processes with a comprehensive view of Salesforce activity. Odaseva offers the most complete extraction of Salesforce data and files on the market.

Expand the utility of your backups

Extract data for more than just backups. Leverage Odaseva expertise to reuse Salesforce data for BI and more.

  • No additional API call consumption
  • Gain visibility into vital data history
  • Odaseva proactively monitors, optimizes, and enhances the extraction process for you
See how Odaseva Cloud Replication gives Schneider Electric the power to continuously replicate its entire Salesforce org to an AWS S3 data lake at unparalleled speed.

Simplify integration by distributing Salesforce data to other systems

To get the most from your Salesforce data, you need a simple, effective way to deliver it to outside systems. Use Odaseva Cloud Replication to quickly get your data anywhere you need to:

Comply with regulations

Keep every version of your Salesforce data (including Event Logs), metadata and files in your own storage

Feed AI/BI projects without navigating complex APIs

Deal in the simple file formats already familiar to your teams

Feed projects with time-series data

Access every version, any time, of all your records, and easily create a historical data lake

Solve replication challenges

Our flexible API supports any amount of Salesforce data in multiple formats

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