Salesforce Data Security

Secure Salesforce data with the strongest encryption, processing, and monitoring available. Odaseva offers you a Zero Trust approach to confidentiality, which is essential to preventing data breaches and achieving elevated security posture.

Drive Salesforce data success with elevated data security

Data is an enterprise’s most important asset. As AI continues to dominate strategic initiatives within enterprises, the need to secure Salesforce data has never been greater. Odaseva exists to ensure ultra-sensitive data is safeguarded so that our customers can run mission-critical operations on Salesforce with confidence.

Secure Salesforce data with Odaseva Data Security solutions

Protect Data from Third-Party Risks with Zero Trust Connect

Third-parties are ranked among the top risk vectors for a data breach. Only Zero Trust Connect provides an A+ encryption approach to ensure data is encrypted in transit, processing, and at rest.

Secure Your Ultra-Sensitive Data with Zero Trust Vault

Not all data is created equal. Ultra-sensitive and highly regulated data requires special handling and storage in any SaaS environment. Odaseva Zero Trust Vault helps you enrich Salesforce Customer 360 with relevant data, even if it's ultra-sensitive.

Data Security

Zero Trust Connect

Zero Trust Vault

Only Odaseva Data Security Delivers:

End-to-End Encryption

Prevent data leakage throughout the data pipeline, from any integrated third-party applications. With end-to-end encryption, only trusted users have technical access to the clear text data while everyone else enjoys
the extended functionalities brought by seamless integration.

Support of All Salesforce APIs

Data does not live in silos. That’s why we support all existing Salesforce APIs to help you maximize the value of your Salesforce investment. No need to rewrite any code to enable integration while keeping your data safe. Maximize the value of Salesforce while keeping your data safe from downstream or upstream integrations.

Real-Time Data Processing

Encrypt and decrypt with your own key on the fly. Real-time processing allows trusted users to operate jobs with the right data access, without even realizing that there is data transformation happening.

Embedded Event Monitoring
Keep track of access history at the data field-level to fulfill data forensics needs. Combine this granular tracking with other security posture tools for real-time security monitoring and analytics.

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