Odaseva Helps Service NSW Simplify Complexity


Complex Salesforce data models, regulatory requirements, and retention policies

Service NSW is a single point of contact for many New South Wales government agencies and provides services such as license and permit applications, registering births, paying fines, emergencies and natural disasters, and more. The agency aims to enhance the overall quality of life in NSW by ensuring easy access to essential support and services, all in one place.

The CRM Platform Team at Service NSW uses two Salesforce Orgs for fulfillment of cases such as grants management, vouchers, and case management. Service NSW initially relied on Salesforce’s backup solution but when it was discontinued, they needed a new solution to ensure business continuity.

Furthermore, Service NSW is transitioning to a more streamlined structure where a case can have multiple tasks and activities attached to it. This involves refining data classification to a point where they can automate cold storage upon reaching retention periods.

Regulatory compliance is paramount to Service NSW, and it hinges on data retention. For example, financial transactions associated with grants must be retained for a mandatory period of 10 years to meet compliance standards. Within Service NSW’s framework, they have retention periods of two, five, seven, and ten years. As objects within a single process may have varying retention times, the platform team is actively working with the data governance team to address and refine data classification, which is a compliance mandate.

Service NSW sought a Salesforce data protection and security solution that could accommodate their complex needs.

Why Odaseva

The security platform that simplifies complexity

Service NSW set out to identify the most suitable Salesforce data protection and security solution among their list of potential suppliers. They gathered input from various sources including their procurement team, other companies and NSW agencies, and from Salesforce. Following a thorough competitive market evaluation, Odaseva emerged as the preferred solution.

“The peace of mind is real, knowing that I don't have to worry about data residency and governance, and that there won't be any unexpected surprises. Receiving daily reports, monitoring dashboards, and getting instant warnings if a problem arises mean it stays in the background rather than constantly occupying my thoughts. With Odaseva, I am certain that our Salesforce data is taken care of.”

Service NSW had established a set of criteria, and Odaseva met them all including:

  • Ease of use Odaseva built Service NSW’s backup plan, which helped them transition from actively managing and supporting backup processes to simply monitoring daily reports. A user-friendly dashboard helps Service NSW inspect real-time backup performance.
  • A local team The Sydney-based Odaseva Team means Service NSW can work with local representatives in their time zone. Odaseva’s Services teams tailor the platform’s solution to align with the agency’s specific requirements.
  • A holistic solution for data retention Rather than having point solutions for data retention in Salesforce, Service NSW was able to achieve a holistic, enterprise solution with Odaseva. This helps their engineering team navigate the complexity of the various data retention policies their data must comply with for compliance reasons.
  • Confidence in proving their recovery plan Service NSW regularly conducts data restoration exercises with Odaseva to ensure that they can recover Salesforce data if necessary.


Salesforce data protection with:
Backup and Restore Expert Services Data Automation
  • Sandbox Seeding

Odaseva backs up 350.7 GB of data across 2400 objects

Backups run every 4 hours, daily, and weekly

Odaseva protects 173.3 million records for the company, while using near 0% of their BULK API calls and 2% of available REST API calls


Service NSW places their trust in Odaseva’s expertise

“Trust is a big thing for us especially when it comes to managing and storing data,” says Mark Pieterson, CRM Platform Manager at Service NSW. “Having a solution like Odaseva with a reputable track record is crucial.”

Reliability is essential in any data loss scenario. Knowing that their team can depend on their powerful, enterprise-grade backup and restore system gives Service NSW confidence that critical Salesforce data can be recovered quickly and precisely.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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