Salesforce Data Platform

Simplify data operations through data platform, and securely move data between environments or systems outside of Salesforce.

Deliver data where you need it, when you need it.

The Odaseva Enterprise Data Security Platform delivers the benefits of more than 30 data operations that have been tested in demanding enterprise environments. Configure operations to meet the specific requirements of your Salesforce data.

Drive Salesforce performance at scale with Odaseva Data Platform

Seed data to Sandboxes the way you want to

With Sandbox Seeding, your organization can manage even the most complex data while preserving sensitive data confidentiality. Only Odaseva meets the needs of the largest and most complex Salesforce implementations.

Replicate data to your BI team in a format they love

Odaseva Cloud Replication makes it easy to automate data extraction from Salesforce and send data to your data teams in a format they love, with no need to navigate complex APIs.

Build custom data platform with the power of Odaseva

Our platform offers data operations that have been field tested in demanding environments. Customize any of our data processes to meet your specific Salesforce data needs. Automate, schedule, and repeat your data operations in Salesforce with the protection and security that only Odaseva can provide.

See how Remy Cointreau innovates faster with Custom Automation

Data Platform​​

Sandbox Seeding
Cloud Replication
Custom Automation

Only Odaseva Data Platform Delivers:

Zero API call impacts

Reuse data from any operation to limit API calls on your system. Odaseva's security features ensure that sensitive data is protected and secure at all times.

Advanced API Control

Tune almost any API with no code to ensure you get the most from your data.

Dataset Designer

Visualize and support advanced relationship depths when writing and reading Salesforce data across any operation.

Precise data controls

Streamline your data operations with scheduled, sequential processing to manage with most complex data scenarios.

Odaseva is designed for the Enterprise, on a single data platform

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