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Keeping Your Salesforce Data Safe with Sandbox Seeding


Jul 31, 2023

Sandbox Seeding

By Michael Lowe, Director of Product Marketing at Odaseva

What is Salesforce sandbox seeding, and why does your enterprise need it?

Salesforce sandboxes play a crucial role in testing and releasing code. Think of them as cozy spaces for your developers, contractors, and partners to work their magic, while keeping the integrity of your data intact. 

The core value of sandbox seeding is to strike a balance between accelerating Salesforce development, and effectively managing data. 

The ideal sandbox seeding solution empowers you to reuse high-quality data from your production or full copy sandbox. This provides advantages to your developers, giving them robust data to test on. Securing and using anonymized source data such as a full copy sandbox prepared with Data Anonymizer is a huge time saver for development teams, and is a critical step in your seeding process.

Sandbox seeding can be much more intricate too. It’s more than just a data transfer; it’s about having complete control over the order of data operations to deliver a seamless experience for your developers and get them the most realistic and comfortable environment to work in. 

But, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal – there are four types of sandboxes. 

Types of Salesforce sandboxes

Data within Salesforce sandboxes can vary significantly, ranging from small datasets to complete replicas of your production data. Let’s explore the four different kinds of Salesforce sandboxes:

Source Control Repository Sandbox Seeding

Developer sandbox: 

Just the basics, please! This is for your bare-bones development needs. This typically offers limited data for development purposes.

Developer Pro sandbox: 

It’s like the Developer sandbox, but on steroids. It gives you a bigger sample of data to play with, allowing you to replicate complex data from your production environment. It is the most commonly used type among customers. 

Partial sandbox: 

It’s a little like your production environment had a baby. Not a full copy, but enough real production data for some solid testing. It can be refreshed from your production environment, providing up-to-date information.

Full sandbox: 

The whole enchilada! It’s your production data’s identical twin. It is primarily used for training, final testing, and release processes.

How does sandbox seeding improve development on Salesforce? 

There are two ways that sandbox seeding improves development processes: speed and security. Ensuring developers get accurate sandbox data quickly and securely is crucial to mitigating risks and optimizing development processes.


One of the biggest impacts on developers’ ability to execute effectively is the amount of time it takes to identify and obtain accurate representations of business data. Delays in accessing reliable data can result in very expensive project setbacks and be detrimental to quality. 

How does sandbox seeding improve speed?

Dedicated testing and development environments in Salesforce sandboxes improve speed by creating isolated environments that allow developers to work efficiently and deliver new functionalities faster. 


As enterprises expand their use of Salesforce beyond basic CRM functionalities to mission-critical applications, they face heightened scrutiny and must proactively manage risks. Unfortunately, development environments have often been identified as a significant blind spot when it comes to data protection.

How does sandbox seeding enhance security?

The isolated environments that Salesforce sandboxes provide enhance security by preventing potential disruptions to the live production system and enables organizations to conduct rigorous testing and implement robust data protection measures, without sharing real customer data.

While Salesforce sandboxes play an important role in addressing speed and security challenges by providing dedicated testing and development environments, there’s a catch – data within the sandboxes, particularly in partial and full copy versions, must be properly protected during the seeding process to prevent breach of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Enter Odaseva’s Sandbox Seeding solution. Think of it as a versatile Swiss Army knife capable of handling multiple tasks in your seeding process. It lets you reuse high-quality test data from production or full copy sandboxes and anonymize it as part of your seeding process.

Going beyond the basics with Odaseva

We at Odaseva take data protection to the next level for Salesforce data, including data in sandboxes. 


By giving you the power to automate a series of complex data tasks like handling intricate data models, managing package data, and running scripts. It’s not just about moving data from A to B. It’s about putting you in the driver’s seat, overcoming Salesforce’s limitations, and providing a smoother-than-silk experience for your developers. And, of course, we’ve got your back on data security.

Empowering you and your organization

Odaseva’s Sandbox Seeding solution can help your organization become a superhero of Salesforce development:

Unmatched security 

Our Sandbox Seeding solution is your secret weapon to populate each developer sandbox with just the right data, no matter how twisty-turny your data model might be. And guess what? Odaseva is a no-view provider. That’s like having a high-tech security vault for your data – we can’t see it, so your sandbox and production data stay private and confidential. It also helps you make the most of your testing scenarios, reduce risks, and ensures a smooth transition from development to production.

Optimal performance 

Odaseva has your back, whatever the size of your sandbox, optimizing them for top performance. We use AI-driven API consumption prediction and limitation, which helps you avoid exceeding Salesforce limits. This is a big deal for frequent sandbox data refreshes, as we help you beat the 30-day refresh limit on full copy sandboxes. Just pull data from your production environment to keep your sandbox data fresh as a daisy, keeping the path clear for your developers.

Simplified complexity 

And don’t worry if data models make you dizzy. Our user-friendly, no-code interface lets you seed sandboxes with even the most complex data models, including unlimited parent-child relationships and advanced granularity. This means you can define your data structure and metadata for a carbon copy of your production environment. Aligning metadata with production, particularly when not all changes are under full control, also lets you keep an eye on differences and migrate changes like a pro.

Expertise and support 

Fret not! We’ve got you covered! We’ve honed our expertise and gathered valuable experience that helps us truly grasp the distinctive challenges faced by organizations like yours. We know that each business has its own set of hurdles, and that’s why we specialize in recreating any data model you may have, whether it’s custom objects or managed packages. By doing so, we’re able to tackle potential obstacles head-on when it comes to populating your sandboxes. 

The bottom line

Odaseva’s Sandbox Seeding solution is your secret weapon for precision, control, and top-notch security in your Salesforce data operations. You can run your tests with confidence, speed up release cycles, protect customer data, and navigate complex data models without breaking a sweat. With our solution, you’ll experience seamless, secure, and custom-tailored sandbox data replication that fits your organization like a glove.

Make the most of your testing scenarios, streamline your development processes, and keep your customers’ trust with Odaseva’s ironclad data security practices.

For more information visit Odaseva’s Sandbox Seeding page here.

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