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10 Reasons to Choose Odaseva for Salesforce Backup and Restore


Feb 02, 2022

Salesforce Backup and Restore

Not all Salesforce backup and restore solutions are created equal. 

The Odaseva Enterprise Data Platform is designed and built by leading Salesforce CTAs to solve the toughest Salesforce data management challenges

If Large Data Volumes, complex data models, and business continuity concerns sound familiar to you, here are the 10 reasons why Odaseva will best protect your organization with powerful Salesforce Backup and Restore:

1. True enterprise-grade security 

Fortune 500 companies trust Odaseva with their critically important data. That’s because our commitment to data security exceeds the requirements of even the most complex, highly regulated businesses in the world and encompasses architecture security, compliance, and application security. 

You can learn more about Odaseva’s security and trust here, including our patent-pending five-level encryption, user security and authentication, certifications and compliance, and more.

2. The most complete Salesforce backup scope 

We backup all data, files, metadata, and managed packages available via Salesforce APIs. It’s proven with global enterprises and built specifically to handle the unique challenges of enterprise data management.

3. Managed Backup Services 

With other companies, you are responsible for setting up your own Salesforce data backup plan. And there’s no support available if you run into problems. 

We’re here to help. Odaseva’s Managed Backup Services Team does all the heavy lifting for you by customizing, configuring, and optimizing your organization’s backup plan. We also monitor your backup plan and notify you if something is amiss. Learn more about Odaseva Managed Backup Services (and meet the team!) here.

4. Backup and Restore specifically designed for Large Data Volumes

Our patent-pending extraction tools mean we can handle the largest volumes of data. Back up more than 300 million records per hour, run backups every 15 minutes, and back up data, metadata, and files—all while minimizing API and governor limit consumption.

5. Recovery Point Objective of 15 minutes

Your most critical objects deserve the shortest Recovery Point Objective available on the market. 

6. The most comprehensive Salesforce data restoration coverage

Choose the right restore approach for any scenario with our variety of restore capabilities. Restore anything from a single record, to rolling back an entire object to a specific point in time. You can even restore parent-child relationships up to 30 levels deep.

7. One unique interface for all your Salesforce orgs

Manage multiple Salesforce organizations from the same interface.

8. We support NA14 and Permaggedon type incidents 

Rely on your Odaseva backups to quickly assess damage extent and rapidly resume critical business activity. 

9. Come for the backup, stay for the platform. 

We’re much more than “just” backup. Demands change rapidly in enterprise data management. By leveraging a platform approach rather than point solutions, you have the power to scale over time so you can spend more time on your business – rather than data management.

Our suite of products includes Analytics, Cloud Replication, Sandbox Anonymization, Sandbox Seeding, Archiving, Consumer Rights and more

10. We wrote the book on Salesforce Backup and Restore – literally 

It’s called ‘The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup and Restore’ and it’s co-written with Salesforce. In it, we share guidance and best practices including key backup considerations , the importance of implementing a restore strategy, and how to minimize the effects of transformations that can occur when restoring records.

Ready to learn more? If you’re evaluating backup and restore vendors for your Salesforce org? Here’s what you need to look for: Checklist: Salesforce Backup and Restore Vendor Capabilities. Or get in touch today for a personalized demo.

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