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Salesforce Data Protection

Protect the Integrity & Availability of your Customer Data


Average cost per record lost (source: IBM cost of a data breach report 2019) (Average cost)



Average cost of downtime per hour (source: Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network Cost of downtime 2013(Average cost)


Reduction of data breach with automation (source: IBM cost of a data breach report 2019)

Salesforce Data Protection is about anticipating 3 types of disasters:


Integrity (Data Loss)

Availability (Service Outage)


Data Integrity

Backup and Restore

Preserve customer data
Protect Customer 360 data from accidental data loss, corruption and disasters.

  • Backup at High-frequency and High Performances for Large Data Volumes
  • Recover from any data loss and maintain parent-child relationship for up to 20 levels of depth

Data Availability

Archiving for Performance

Control customer data growth
Improve Salesforce system performance by removing clutter while preserving a copy.

  • Automate data archiving to maintain best performances of the system

  • Make archived data readable by end-users

Ultra High Availability

Access customer data at all times
Keep working when Salesforce is down with the same user experience.

  • Continue doing business – even when Salesforce is temporarily unavailable

  • Failover system, read AND write

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

Our CEO Sovan Bin, first Salesforce Certified Technical Architect in EMEA, set the standard of backup & restore concepts and best practices for Salesforce and co-wrote a series of articles with the Salesforce Technical Enablement team of the Salesforce Customer-Centric Engineering (CCE) group.

This publication has been awarded by a Berkeley STC Touchstone Merit Award.

Complete Data Protection of your Salesforce environment

Odaseva platform
Salesforce Governor Limit monitoring

Granular AES 256-Encryption

Not only does Odaseva encrypt Disks with AES256, Odaseva also provides Granular AES256 Encryption with BYOK – the highest standard in Data Security.

Managed Protection Services(MPS)

Extend your team with world-class protection specialists. Proactive incident monitoring and performance maintenance.

Large Data Volume readiness

Fastest extraction speeds in the market (300 M records per hour and more).Control over Degree of Parallelism, API Load-Balancing, Horizontal and Vertical API optimizations.

CTA Expert Services

Implement Odaseva BCP (Business Continuity Plan) methodology with world-class Salesforce Certified Technical Architects.

Salesforce Certified Architect
AppExchange Partner

“At Schneider Electric, we leverage Odaseva for a more flexible and agile data privacy automation, data protection and data ops”

Remi Poujeaux
Remi Poujeaux

Digital Architecture VP, Schneider electric

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