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Salesforce Data Protection

Protect the Integrity & Availability of your Customer Data


Average cost per record lost (source: IBM cost of a data breach report 2019) (Average cost)



Average cost of downtime per hour (source: Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network Cost of downtime 2013(Average cost)


Reduction of data breach with automation (source: IBM cost of a data breach report 2019)

Salesforce Data Protection is about anticipating 3 types of disasters:


Integrity (Data Loss)

Availability (Service Outage)


Data Integrity

Backup and Restore

Preserve customer data
Protect Customer 360 data from accidental data loss, corruption and disasters.

  • Backup at High-frequency and High Performances for Large Data Volumes
  • Recover from any data loss and maintain parent-child relationship for up to 20 levels of depth
Salesforce Data Protection Backup

Data Availability

Archiving for Performance

Control customer data growth
Improve Salesforce system performance by removing clutter while preserving a copy.

  • Automate data archiving to maintain best performances of the system

  • Make archived data readable by end-users

Ultra High Availability

Access customer data at all times
Keep working when Salesforce is down with the same user experience.

  • Continue doing business – even when Salesforce is temporarily unavailable

  • Failover system, read AND write

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

Our CEO Sovan Bin, first Salesforce Certified Technical Architect in EMEA, set the standard of backup & restore concepts and best practices for Salesforce and co-wrote a series of articles with the Salesforce Technical Enablement team of the Salesforce Customer-Centric Engineering (CCE) group.

This publication has been awarded by a Berkeley STC Touchstone Merit Award.

Complete Data Protection of your Salesforce environment

Odaseva platform
Salesforce Governor Limit monitoring

Granular AES 256-Encryption

Not only does Odaseva encrypt Disks with AES256, Odaseva also provides Granular AES256 Encryption with BYOK – the highest standard in Data Security.

Managed Protection Services(MPS)

Extend your team with world-class protection specialists. Proactive incident monitoring and performance maintenance.

Large Data Volume readiness

Fastest extraction speeds in the market (300 M records per hour and more).Control over Degree of Parallelism, API Load-Balancing, Horizontal and Vertical API optimizations.

CTA Expert Services

Implement Odaseva BCP (Business Continuity Plan) methodology with world-class Salesforce Certified Technical Architects.

Salesforce Certified Architect
AppExchange Partner
Remi Poujeaux
Remi Poujeaux

Digital Architecture VP, Schneider electric

“At Schneider Electric, we leverage Odaseva for a more flexible and agile data privacy automation, data protection and data ops”

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