REA Group secures Salesforce data backups with Odaseva's powerful encryption


Securing Salesforce data backups with powerful encryption while meeting data residency and retention requirements

REA Group is a publicly-traded real estate company with more than 3,000 employees working across Australia, Asia, and North America. The Group’s aim is to change how the world experiences property, and to improve buying, selling, and renting experiences for people in India, China, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries. Their technology helps people during every stage of the property experience through rich content, data and insights, property valuation estimates, and home financing solutions.

Salesforce is at the heart of REA Group’s Australian operations, which uses Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Revenue Cloud. Their main org is the core Sales and CRM system for the company. A smaller but mighty Leads org manages ratings and reviews for their highly-valued real estate agents and agencies, which is crucial for conveying genuine experiences to website visitors.

While scaling up their use of Salesforce, REA Group realized their Disaster Recovery plan required a backup and restore solution that offered powerful encryption, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies. That meant storing the data within Australian borders per data residency requirements, and keeping customer data for seven years.

Why Odaseva

Security that surpasses industry standards

REA Group prioritized security when selecting a data management solution. “Odaseva’s level of encryption is above industry standard,” says Mark Laing, Senior Salesforce Administrator at REA Group and an Odaseva power-user, referring to Odaseva’s five-level encryption.

Backup and restore was the primary need REA Group sought to fulfill, and Odaseva’s backup and restore solution exceeded expectations there too. “I’m able to backup not just our production org, but also our dev pipeline. Since Odaseva allows me to backup sandboxes, I’m not having to rebuild sandboxes from scratch if anything gets lost.”

And REA Group’s sandboxes are secured with more than just powerful backup and restore, because Odaseva’s Sandbox Anonymization also protects Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in these developer environments. By anonymizing PII stored in sandboxes, dev teams can test and develop using realistic data sets, while eliminating risks associated with moving sensitive data.

Complying with data residency laws was another major factor in choosing the right Salesforce data management solution. “We also required a vendor that was able to have the data stored in Australia, which Odaseva could do,” says Mark. “Not many other vendors had that, so it was a big standout straight away.”


Powerful protection that uses minimal resources

Data Protection

  • Backup and Restore

Data Privacy:

  • Sandbox Anonymization

Data Automation:

  • Cloud Replication

Odaseva backs up 228.5 GB of data across
2000 objects

Odaseva backs up 462 GB of files

Backups run daily and weekly

Odaseva protects a total of 114 million records for the company, while using 0% of their BULK API calls and 0.6% of available REST API calls

"The security and the encryption of the data being stored, while being available at a moment's notice, makes my trust in the platform really high. It just makes my life a lot easier and gives me peace of mind - it’s not something I'm worrying about."


Saving time for a busy Admin team

Odaseva is a core part of REA Group’s disaster recovery plan, and helps them secure data for the 12+ million Australians that use each month and the 16 other brands in REA Group’s network.

The REA Group Salesforce Admin team saves valuable time on critical data management processes too, thanks to Odaseva. “Once the initial setup is done it’s so easy to keep things maintained,” says Mark. “It takes 20% of the time of any other backup solution than I’ve had to deal with in the past to maintain, govern, and audit it. I do audits and checks, but for the most part I’m able to spend time on other things.”

Another time-saver for Mark’s team is the self-service Odaseva Learning portal, which he says speeds up training for new members of REA Group’s Admin Team.

“Dealing with Odaseva is probably one of the best vendors I’ve dealt with. Customer success and sales are so helpful, and quick to get back to you, and willing to help. Some companies are very rigid but I’ve found that with Odaseva, they’re always open to having a discussion no matter what the ask is. And Odaseva has a really good support structure – If I log a case, they’re very quickly onto the case.” 

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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