Salesforce Data Archiving

Improve Salesforce system performance, automate compliance with regulations like GDPR and CPRA, and reduce storage without losing access to your Salesforce data.​

Your data strategy is key to ensuring you maintain system performance

Control unwieldy data growth and keep only the Salesforce data you actually need to unlock its full potential. Archiving Salesforce data helps you comply with data regulations like GDPR and CPRA, speeds up performance, and declutters your Salesforce org so your users can easily find the information they actually need.

Perform at scale with
Odaseva Data Archiving

Automate data removal to optimize performance

Your Salesforce org can slow down - or even stop running - if you reach Salesforce’s governor limits like file storage, data storage, and API call limits. Odaseva optimizes how data is removed to work within your limits and free up vital storage.

Target the right data, no matter how complex​

Odaseva Data Archiving adapts to your organization’s regulatory requirements, not the other way around. Define frequency, retention, and durability in a few steps. Leverage Odaseva Dataset Designer to select the right scope of data to be archived before deletion.​

Maintain the user experience to keep business flowing ​

Odaseva Archive Viewer leverages our patent-pending Salesforce emulator for a seamless user experience with your data. Using your own page layouts, we recreate the look and feel familiar to your Salesforce users, while maintaining relationships and links to your CRM data records.​

See how a global transportation enterprise uses Odaseva Data Archiving to scale up on Salesforce

Data Archiving​

Data Archiver​
Archive Viewer

Only Odaseva Archiving Delivers:


Only Odaseva enables you to control and customize the sequence of how you securely target, extract, and remove data. The Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Platform lets you control data growth and stabilize performance issues.


Odaseva’s zero-trust approach to data security enables your team to manage archiving data, without requiring them to gain access to business data. Your Salesforce data is archived in independent AWS3 storage with 5-level encryption and 99.999999999% availability. You have total control over who can see it.


Every data challenge is unique, so we tailor your archiving plan to meet your needs. Leverage the Odaseva Expert Services Team to accelerate your project while gaining invaluable insights into your Salesforce data. 

Control complexity

Only Odaseva can securely and completely archive Salesforce data. Our platform supports cascade deletes, orphan records, and data models with 30+ complex relationships. Our advanced granularity and no-code UI are adapted for the most complex data models.

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