More value for your clients.

More recurring revenue.

Partner with Odaseva.

Global and regional System Integrators use the Odaseva Enterprise Data Platform to meet the underlying data challenges that make scaling Salesforce difficult: data protection, data compliance, and data agility. 

Our partners use Odaseva’s Data Platform to future-proof their implementations, set clients up for optimal performance and growth, and to deliver critical ongoing managed data services.

Why partner with Odaseva?

Multiple revenue opportunities
Offer a new category of Managed Services and expand your portfolio by delivering critical, ongoing, high-value services to the enterprise
Differentiation in the marketplace

Become specialized in Data Lifecycle Management – a new and unique practice adopted by the largest enterprise Salesforce customers

Solve the most complex data challenges

Accelerate success and growth with the only true Enterprise Data Platform for the world’s largest Salesforce customers

Doina Popa, CTA

CEO, InnoTrue
(formerly Salesforce CTO at Capgemini)

“As a Salesforce CTA, I know how important it is for customers to protect their data. Odaseva provides a state-of-the-art data management platform including the ability to automate compliance with regulations like GDPR. Odaseva’s level of commitment to security and their vision of data lifecycle and management is very mature, and it stems from a strong understanding of the business requirements and the criticality of the processes they cover with their products, and also from the team’s deep understanding of the Salesforce platform.”

Johann Louveau

Associate Director, 47 Quai

Odaseva = Control of your SaaS data. We have put in place Odaseva many times for our clients for data backup/restore, archiving and GDPR purposes and it was always a success.”

Bring your clients solutions for their data lifecycle management problems

Protect data

Your clients are responsible for their Salesforce data, which means that every user, integration, and automation makes the data vulnerable to loss or corruption. Odaseva’s backup and archiving tools ensure business continuity by keeping customer data secure, intact, and readily available.

Ensure compliance

Regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA have a major impact on how organizations in highly-regulated industries store and share data. Help your clients respect customers and regulations using Odaseva’s data privacy tools, which solve compliance issues at the root.

Be agile with data

Your clients can’t extract maximum value from their data if they can’t move it in and out of Salesforce. Odaseva’s data agility tools easily move data between production and non-production environments to speed up testing and development.

The only enterprise-grade platform for the largest Salesforce environments

How data is managed can make or break a Salesforce implementation, especially in large enterprises. Data management is a critical aspect of how the platform is adopted and scaled up to its full potential.

By partnering with Odaseva you can help your enterprise clients protect, control, and utilize their mission-critical data so they can realize the full potential of Salesforce.

And you’ll benefit from not only providing the highest levels of data protection to your customers. You’ll gain access to enterprise clients, differentiate yourself among your competition, reduce the risk of data loss events during the integration process, and learn data protection and governance from industry-leading experts on our team.

A 5-star Salesforce AppExchange Partner

Odaseva is a proud Salesforce AppExchange Partner, where we have a 5-star review rating. See for yourself what Odaseva customers have to say about the #1 Enterprise Data Platform for Salesforce:

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