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Jun 13
[On Demand] Odaseva for your Agency’s Data Protection
As Salesforce implementations have grown more complex and more deeply intertwined with key business functions, the challenge of protecting and securing data has also gotten more complex. Furthermore, you – not Salesforce – are responsible for protecting your agency’s Salesforce data!
Jun 27
[On Demand] 6 Concepts to Archive Salesforce Data at Scale
The time to implement data archiving is before data scale affects platform efficiency. A proactive approach involves aligning the data archiving strategy to the enterprise’s specific needs.
May 24
[On Demand] Top 5 Considerations for Incorporating Privacy into your Broader Salesforce Data Strategy
As Enterprise customers scale up their Salesforce data across multiple orgs, they not only have to think about the security of that data, but also understand the privacy implications of their data strategy. Businesses must adapt to comply with multiple industry-specific and geo-specific regulations, and data regulations are increasingly complex.
May 3
[On Demand] Architecting a Multi-Org Strategy for Compliance, Residency, and Collaboration
A noticeable trend in the Salesforce ecosystem is that companies running on the platform are deploying more and more Salesforce Orgs. Some of the reasons behind this include emerging and expanding data residency regulations (covered by Hyperforce and Salesforce Core on AliCloud), business-unit-level agility, and distributed IT governance models.
Apr 19
[On Demand] Beyond Backup & Restore: Full Data Lifecycle Management
Exponential data growth and increased regulatory pressure have forced organizations to protect their critical customer data to ensure business continuity and prevent data loss. But enterprises must also enforce clear and deliberate policies from the moment they intend to create data.
Mar 22
[On Demand] Choosing the Right Encryption Architecture to Protect your SaaS Data
As enterprises continue to ramp up adoption of SaaS platforms like Salesforce, the data stored in them grows in volume, complexity, and importance. Encryption is one of the key security controls highlighted to protect this critical data.
Feb 22
[On Demand] Salesforce Data Health: Key Indicators You Should Know
With the large volumes and complexity of data that enterprises manage in their Salesforce orgs, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what exactly is going on with that data – good or bad.
Jan 25
[On Demand] 7 Salesforce Data Trends to Look for in 2023
As more enterprises continue to ramp up adoption of Salesforce, the data stored in the platform grows in both volume and importance. That’s driving decisions in how Salesforce data is managed, optimized, and most importantly – protected. 
Dec 6
[On Demand] Increasing Salesforce ROI with a SaaS Data Protection Strategy with Special Guest Forrester
Companies are increasingly adopting SaaS applications like Salesforce, embracing these technologies to help fuel growth. But this can also introduce new levels of risk, some of which are growing unchecked.
Oct 26
[On Demand] Data Innovation Forum for Salesforce Architects 22′
A virtual event for enterprise-level Salesforce architects to talk about ideas, opportunities, and strategies to maximize the value of Salesforce data.
Oct 18
[On Demand] How to Generate More Revenue with Managed Services in a Digitally Disrupted World
Disruption has affected every business as digital transformation was massively accelerated due to the pandemic. Companies who were laggards in transforming had no choice but to catch up. Companies who were in phases of transformation were forced to speed up.
2022 State of Saas Ransomware replay
Oct 5
[On Demand] New 2022 Report: The State of SaaS Ransomware Attack Preparedness
Ransomware attacks on business-critical data increasing – and succeeding. SaaS data is no exception. This growing threat wreaks havoc on victims, often taking days or weeks to recover the data – if it can be recovered at all.
secure financial data
Aug 31
[On Demand] How to Secure Financial Services Data with Powerful Protection
Protecting data for financial services companies is an evolving and ongoing challenge. Complexities stem from the need to comply with data regulations, encryption key management, assessing the risks of third and fourth party vendors that access data, and the vulnerabilities posed by testing environments like sandboxes.
Keeping Salesforce Data Protected, Compliant, and Agile with Odaseva
Aug 31
[On Demand] Keeping Salesforce Data Protected, Compliant, and Agile with Odaseva
Why do Fortune 500 companies and Salesforce’s largest customers rely on Odaseva? Because the Odaseva Data Protection Platform solves their most complex data management challenges.
Jun 29
[On Demand] Top Security Considerations for SaaS Backup
Data security remains firmly on the frontline as data-related threats against global businesses mount in both volume and size.
May 18
[On Demand] How to Protect your SaaS Data from Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware attacks are on the rise, jumping up 62% between 2020 and 2021.* At the same time, enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud infrastructure for mission-critical business processes, collecting and distributing sensitive customer and transactional data within SaaS programs like Salesforce.
Apr 26
[On Demand] How Data Agility Maximizes Value from Salesforce Data
Your Salesforce data is a treasure trove of information about your customers and your business. But you can’t make the most of it if you can’t move it – and moving Salesforce data while maintaining its integrity can be tricky, especially at scale.
Mar 22
[On Demand] Top Considerations for Choosing the Right Backup & Restore Solution
Salesforce Ben and Odaseva are hosting a free webinar to help you better manage your Salesforce data. As Salesforce implementations have grown more complex and more deeply intertwined with key business functions, the challenge of backing up and restoring data has also gotten more complex.
Feb 23
[On Demand] Are You Ready for a Technical Crisis?
Join this webinar to hear from Carl himself along with Susannah Kate St-Germain, Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations from Salesforce, who’ve both navigated many crises throughout their careers. Learn tips & tricks on how to prepare and manage a technical crisis, with the goal of minimizing impact and getting back to normal operations as quickly as possible.
Top 5 Privacy Considerations for Salesforce Data
Jan 27
[On Demand] The Top 5 Considerations for Operationalizing Privacy for Salesforce Data
Join this webinar for an exciting discussion about what to consider when operationalizing privacy for Salesforce data, specifically in relation to new privacy developments, and how to fit them into a broader data strategy.
Nov 19
[On Demand] Five Things Architects Overlook When Choosing a Data Backup Solution
Earlier this year, Salesforce Senior Technical Architect Arun Sood wrote a post on the Salesforce Architects blog breaking down five critical considerations architects overlook when they choose a backup solution.
Nov 18
Maximiser le ROI de la plateforme Salesforce par la vitesse, la qualité et la sécurité des déploiements
Maximiser la valeur de la plateforme Salesforce avec des ISV de l’Appexchange auprès des grands clients Salesforce et ceux pour lesquels la plateforme est “mission critical”
Oct 18
[On Demand] Forrester Research Exclusive: The State of Enterprise CRM Data Management 2021
The results are in! Over the summer of 2021, Odaseva and Forrester collaborated on a survey studying how CRM professionals in large enterprises feel about their ability to manage data, the challenges they are facing, and the emerging trends impacting their success.
Oct 6
[On Demand] What Salesforce Customers Need to Know About China’s Data Security Law
On September 1st of this year, China’s Data Security Law went into effect, including strict guidelines on data localization. Companies that do business in China are now required to store and process data in China.
Aug 25
[On Demand] Data Agility: The Unseen Enabler of Innovation
The value of Salesforce extends from what you do with the data, not just how you use the platform. But at enterprise scale, it can be very challenging to move data between Salesforce orgs or to outside systems.
Jul 28
[On Demand] Archiving: One Simple Solution to Three Major Data Problems
A thoughtfully planned and executed data archiving strategy is a simple, powerful step you can take to make sure your data architecture is designed for optimal performance, regulatory compliance, and ease of use.
Jul 1
[On Demand] Sandbox Data: The Hidden Risk
If you use full copy sandboxes and don’t take measures to protect sandbox data, then you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to a data compromise that could have serious consequences.
Jun 9
[On Demand] Data. Does Your CoE Think About It?
For many CoEs, all those competing concerns have an unintended consequence. Data just isn’t a focus. CoE leaders focus on pushing the platform forward, not caring for the data it generates.
Salesforce webinar series
[On Demand] Odaseva’s Salesforce Data Mastery webinar series
The Salesforce Data Mastery webinar series will feature technically focused conversations and presentations from leading experts in the Salesforce ecosystem breaking down critically important data challenges into clear, actionable strategies and steps. 
May 11
[On Demand]Data Agility: Challenges and opportunities with data in digital banking environments
Do you find yourself experiencing challenges when it comes to data agility? With data as the key enabler of true digital banking, it brings a number of challenges and opportunities.
Apr 21
[On Demand] Salesforce Data Lifecycle for Financial Services Companies
Financial Services can secure and maximize their use of all of this complex data using the right tools and practices. register now
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