Salesforce Backup & Restore

Know your Salesforce business is protected. Prove your recovery plan with Backup and Restore from Odaseva.

Your Salesforce data is your responsibility

Salesforce is responsible for running the platform, but you are responsible for your organization's data. Failed integrations and user errors are the leading causes of Salesforce data loss. And since Salesforce is only responsible for platform and infrastructure incidents, having a third-party solution is highly recommended to mitigate data incidents and help you recover important data fast.

Protect and secure your Salesforce data with Odaseva Backup & Restore

Ensure business continuity with unparalleled performance

Odaseva Enterprise Backup & Restore is the only solution specifically designed to protect the largest and most complex Salesforce implementations.

End-users can now change back records with Backup for Business

What if your users could see all changes happening on a record they own, and revert an entry to a previous version? A dream come true with Odaseva Backup for Business!

Free, daily backups with Odaseva Community Edition

Odaseva Community Edition is the only free solution for smaller organizations that cannot afford to lose more than a day of data. Backup 50k records daily without risk of failure or data breach.

See how REA Group secures Salesforce data backups with Odaseva's powerful encryption

Backup & Restore​

Enterprise Backup & Restore
Community Edition​​​

Only Odaseva Backup & Restore Delivers:

Managed Backup Services

Peace of mind has never been easier to achieve! Our team of experts will implement, monitor, and optimize your backup plan so you don’t have to.

No-View Provider

Only you can see your data. Odaseva is the only solution providing end-to-end encryption similar to Salesforce Shield while allowing advanced compare options.

Speed and Scale

Long backup times can lead to a blurry snapshot of your data. Optimize RPO by running backups fast, and as often as every 15 minutes - regardless of your data volumes.

Restore Wizard

We cover all your restore scenarios! Accelerate time to recovery by selecting the right option for each use case: single restore, full rollback, or even surgical data repair.

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