Protecting Salesforce Data for France's Largest Private Winemaker


Optimizing Salesforce data backups for efficiency and precision

The LGCF (Les Grands Chais de France) Group is the largest private winemaker in France, with 68 properties plus partnerships with wine-growers spread across the country.

The Alsace-based group was founded in 1979 and accounts for around one in every six bottles sold in international markets, with brands including Calvet and J.P. Chenet. The Group achieved a revenue of 1.3 billion euros in 2022, 80% of which was revenue generated through exports to over 178 countries. LGCF thus confirms its position as France’s leading wine exporter and ranks fifth among the world’s players.

The global wine industry is a highly competitive space. LGCF operates in a fast-paced selling environment, where responding to customers swiftly is crucial, especially when selling “the great wines.” Salesforce plays an important role in supporting fast and convenient field sales activities, customer orders, inventory updates and more.

Data has become a critical asset in LGCF’s digital transformation. That’s why losing access to Salesforce data, even for a few hours, could potentially jeopardize customer satisfaction and sales operations.

Furthermore, around 200 LGCF salespeople depend on Salesforce while in the field, necessitating real-time access to inventory. This makes Salesforce data even more critical for any disaster recovery plan.

To help protect Salesforce data against these potential threats, Eric Demargne, CRM IT Manager at LGCF, identified Odaseva as the solution for managing backup and restore for the company’s entire Salesforce data model, metadata and files.

Additionally, Odaseva offered a simple restoration process for any object or related record, ensuring that LGCF does not experience any data loss because of incidents related to Salesforce operational tasks.

Why Odaseva

The most advanced solution for securing critical Salesforce data
LGCF chose Odaseva because it was the most advanced provider on the market, had a strong reputation, and delivered on many critically important factors including:

Ability to restore Salesforce data quickly and precisely
LGCF can selectively restore only the necessary portions of the data model using Odaseva, allowing for a more targeted and efficient recovery process.

With each new feature they implemented, LGCF had greater confidence that if there were any issues with Salesforce data, Odaseva could recover all of it quickly and with precision.

Seed sandboxes regardless of complexity
LGCF’s extensive development and deployment processes ensure that all code is rigorously tested in sandbox environments, which can be quite a challenge when it comes to populating at scale. The data that LGCF seeds sandboxes with is very similar to production data which helps ensure that the test processes are accurate. However, this introduces complexity because production data is subject to many triggers and frequent updates throughout the day.

That’s why LGCF chose Odaseva Sandbox Seeding, an extensive solution that enables LGCF to populate developer environments with realistic datasets based on actual production data. This ensures that the dev teams are testing code on fresh and relevant data and reduces the risk of the code not working the same in production environments.

With a Sandbox Seeding solution that can accommodate this complexity, Odaseva helps LGCF simulate operations on the dev environment, allowing developers to monitor the flow end-to-end including on iPads used in the field.

Collaboration in defining solutions
LGCF maximizes Odaseva’s services to bring more value to their business. This involves working closely with the Odaseva Expert Services team to define solutions based on Odaseva’s expertise and LGCF’s business needs.

“The primary benefit of working with Odaseva is that I feel more confident that the business is secure, which helps me sleep better,” says Eric Demargne, IT Manager CRM – Marketing – eCommerce.
"No one provides backup services at the level Odaseva does. If your CRM is critical for you to work and if you have several departments using your CRM for different activities, then you need Odaseva."


Salesforce data protection with:

Backup and Restore

Expert Services

Data Automation

  • Sandbox Seeding

Odaseva backs up 350.7 GB of data across 2400 objects

Backups run every 4 hours, daily, and weekly

Odaseva protects 173.3 million records for the company, while using near 0% of their BULK API calls and 2% of available REST API calls


LGCF can focus on making and selling the best wines, while Odaseva secures their Salesforce data

Odaseva offers seamless sales continuity minimizing the likelihood of disruptions. In the event of any changes, the ability to revert to the initial state with excellent Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is crucial. By providing this security, LGCF can concentrate on their core priorities, which is focusing on making and selling the best quality wines and spirits.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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