Protecting and Securing Data for the Largest Customers on Salesforce

Salesforce + Odaseva = Better Together

Our DNA is 100% Salesforce. Odaseva was founded and created by the first Certified Technical Architect in Europe for Salesforce. With three Certified Technical Architects on staff and backed by Salesforce Ventures, Odaseva is the only platform built to address data lifecycle management solutions specifically for enterprises on Salesforce.

  • Odaseva is a top-tier Salesforce partner and the preferred choice of Salesforce Certified Technical Architects when it comes to enterprise data protection
  • More than 100 million Salesforce users across hundreds of organizations rely on Odaseva to ensure business continuity, drive performance at scale, comply with regulations, and secure data operations with power and control
100+ Million
Salesforce users
5 Stars
AppExchange Reviews
3 CTAs
Created by Salesforce alumni for Salesforce customers
$40 Million
Total Funding (Series B)
Top Partner
Since 2012
6 Patents Pending
Encryption virtualization, Large volume performance, Residency

A partnership that helps enterprises protect and secure customer data

Odaseva is the leading enterprise solution for Salesforce data backup and restore, archiving, compliance, and automation.

Because data at enterprise scale is different, Odaseva augments Salesforce to tackle the complex data management challenges that come with very large and complex data models.

Embracing Shared Responsibility

Salesforce ensures the security and integrity of the platform, while Odaseva secures and manages all the data customers generate.

How Salesforce Wins With Odaseva

  • Meet your enterprise customers’ expectations when it comes to security and performance
  • Maximize customer satisfaction, accelerate adoption, and grow the value to customers
  • Provide the best-of-breed data management platform to enable growth

How Odaseva helps Salesforce customers

"At Salesforce, the security of our customers' data is our top priority. With Odaseva's enterprise-grade data protection platform, we are able to help provide our joint customers with the highest degree of protection for their data."

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