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Salesforce Data Privacy

Deepen Trust by Implementing CCPA, GDPR & more in your Salesforce environment 


Data Privacy Regulations supported


of companies
are not prepared for CCPA
Source: TrustArc Survey


of consumers are uncomfortable with how companies use their data
source : Salesforce

Data Privacy Automation, the key objectives!


Compliance with data privacy regulations has become immensely challenging, and arguably for two reasons:  confidential data is today distributed across multiple clouds, as well as on-premises data centers, and companies typically face compliance with multiple regulations – not just with GDPR but with industry-specific or geo-specific regulations.  No doubt you’re facing those rigors daily. 


Right of Access

Right of Erasure

Production Data Lifecycle

Sandbox Anonymization

Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights as a button

Respect consumer rights
Meet consumer expectation by embedding privacy in the service & community experience.

  • Provide Right of Access to consumers
  • Provide Right of Erasure to consumers
  • Available in Service Cloud
  • Available in Community Cloud
Full Sandbox Anonymization

Production Data Lifecycle

Production Data Lifecycle

Remove expired data on schedule
Enforce data removal policies by cleaning the full scope of personal data.

  • Automate PII retention in Production from creation to erasure
  • Compatible with Salesforce Data Classification
Full Sandbox Anonymization

Sandbox Anonymization

Sandbox Anonymization

Restrict access to customer data
Anonymize data for development/testing while preserving intelligence for AI and analytics.

  • Remove sensitive information from Full Sandboxes
  • 40+ Anonymization Patterns
  • Large Data Volumes Proven
Full Sandbox Anonymization

Odaseva Data Privacy Apps for Salesforce

10+ Data Privacy regulations supported

The most Advanced Data Privacy Cloud on the AppExchange


Configurable Consummer Rights Data Apps


“Thanks to Odaseva we accelerated our time to compliance for GDPR on Salesforce, all the while reducing our costs”

Remi Poujeaux

Bob Segers

Program Manager for GDPR, Toyota France

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