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How Odaseva helps Belgium’s largest energy company achieve their high standard of data protection and control

ENGIE is one of the world’s largest energy companies, committed to accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral world through reduced energy consumption and environmentally-friendly solutions.

ENGIE is the market leader in Belgium, providing nearly half of the country’s citizens with electricity, natural gas, and energy services.


Achieving the same control over Salesforce data as on-prem data

Following a global trend, energy deregulation in Belgium led to increased competition and therefore a greater need to focus on their customers. One of ENGIE M&S Belgium’s strides toward customer-centricity was adopting Salesforce, including Vlocity and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to get a 360 degree view of their customers. In addition to their 17,000 employees in Belgium, they expanded their B2C and B2B operations into Salesforce including their network of partners with more than 300 users who log into the Salesforce community to serve customers.

Adopting Salesforce is a major improvement to better serve their customers, but it was a significant departure from their use of traditional on-premise SAP software, and they needed to ensure that they had the same level of control over their data in the cloud as they did with on-prem data. To protect these large volumes of mission-critical data while complying with GDPR requirements, ENGIE M&S Belgium sought an enterprise-grade backup and restore solution.

"We had to adapt to these attention points that we were not used to. People think when it's in the cloud that everything is taken care of, but you still need third-party solutions to tailor your needs.”

Why Odaseva

ENGIE M&S Belgium gained the benefits of Salesforce, plus complete control over their data with Odaseva

ENGIE M&S Belgium had partnered with Salesforce and multiple partners to implement their org. Salesforce recommended they consider Odaseva to achieve a holistic approach to enterprise-level data management.

With Odaseva, ENGIE M&S Belgium achieved the best of both worlds – the benefits of Salesforce combined with complete data protection.

“What Odaseva brings is the control of the data in the cloud that you expected from on-prem solutions. We selected Odaseva to complement Salesforce on our journey to make Salesforce a mission critical asset, so we can manage it like we managed what we considered ‘Good IT Management’ as we are used on our on-prem software.”


“Odaseva is the best defense you can have in Salesforce”

ENGIE M&S Belgium chose Odaseva for Backup and Restore, which they’ve used to back up more than 45 billion records for 1000+ different objects since 2019, while using only 5.5% of their available API call limit. With Managed Backup Services, they have a custom backup plan that is optimized and monitored by Odaseva.

“Odaseva is the best defense you can have in Salesforce. We are not an IT company so we have to rely on the market and proven best practices. Odaseva is a complete platform and is the best choice for our needs. The Backup and Restore product is complete and Odaseva provides extra capabilities on top of that like sandbox seeding, sandbox anonymization. It’s not just a boring tool that provides a safety net, it also provides value.”


A scalable solution for complex data management… without the complexity

By partnering with Odaseva, ENGIE M&S Belgium now has fully customized backups and the ability to scale up their Salesforce data management processes.

“Compared with on-prem software, Odaseva is very easy. Salesforce data is a complex topic, but working with Odaseva makes it not complex – it just works. And it’s future-ready.”

Ultimately, Robbie recommends Odaseva to enterprise Salesforce customers.

“In my opinion as an IT manager you have to invest in Continuity Management . Odaseva is a tool you can use to help cloud environments fill that need for data recovery and more. If you’re a responsible organization that cares about how end-to-end data is treated and how to recover it. It’s much more complex in clouds solutions than I initially understood, if you already would think about it. Odaseva gives you that piece of mind and simplifies it for you.”

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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