How Odaseva helps Accor Hotels Comply with GDPR, Streamline Development, and Protect Business Continuity

Accor is the largest hospitality company in Europe with 5,341 hotels in 116 countries, totaling 783,587 guest rooms. Its 40 hotel brands range from economy to luxury properties, including Fairmont, Sofitel, Mondrian, SLS, DELANO and more.

Accor leverages Salesforce for both B2B and B2C operations. The platform is integral to delivering excellent and speedy customer service, as customer care agents assist guests with booking hotels and other requests via phone calls, emails, and web forms.

Prior to adopting Salesforce for B2C operations in 2019, Accor outsourced call center operations to a company that used its own CRM platform. With Salesforce, Accor is now able to provide faster and more personalized service that improves guest experiences, differentiates Accor in the market, and optimizes the employee experience for approximately 1,000 call center agents.


Scaling up adoption of Salesforce leads to more rigorous data management challenges

Expanding the adoption of Salesforce into B2C operations meant storing customers’ personal information in Salesforce, and therefore complying with data privacy regulations like GDPR.

Accor’s developer teams also needed an efficient and dependable way of transporting data between production and non-production environments to optimize release management.

Another challenge was having a backup and restore plan in place that not only protected Salesforce data, but also Accor’s robust Knowledge articles which live in Salesforce. Restoring Knowledge articles is notoriously tricky, and requires specific attention that many backup and restore providers don’t support.

Why Odaseva

Advanced technological capabilities provide a complete Salesforce data management solution

Accor did a competitive analysis of solutions available on the AppExchange and found that only Odaseva offered the technological capabilities they required to ensure their Salesforce data was protected, compliant, and agile.

One of the most important capabilities was macros. Accor’s developer teams needed the ability to schedule and to orchestrate different types of tasks within the same operation. With other providers, Accor realized they would need to use the provider’s API to orchestrate each operation (backup data, transform it, then delete some records). With Odaseva, they discovered they could simply create a macro instead – saving time and eliminating the need to code.

Other providers also didn’t support Salesforce Knowledge, which was crucial for Accor to protect given how important it is to customer care agents when assisting guests.

Another consideration was Odaseva’s performance capabilities given the amount of data and types of objects Accor has in its Salesforce orgs for more than 80 million accounts. Other providers didn’t support some of Accor’s objects – but Odaseva did.

“Other companies offered solutions, but they just didn’t meet our needs,” says Mathieu Gorju, IT delivery manager at Accor. “For example, with other solutions we considered, we would have had to implement our own architecture using their APIs which was more complicated, so we decided to proceed with Odaseva. In terms of pricing and features, Odaseva was the top choice.”


One platform solving many data management challenges

Data Protection

  • Backup and Restore
  • Advanced Analytics

Data Privacy:

  • Consumer Rights
  • Sandbox Anonymization

Data Automation:

  • Sandbox Seeding
  • Data App Builder

Odaseva backs up 2.7 TB of files

Odaseva backs up 2.1 TB of data across 2100 objects

Backups run daily and weekly

Odaseva protects a total of 1.1 billion records for the company, while using only 1.32% of their available BULK API calls and 0.16% of REST API calls

"Odaseva helps Accor avoid custom coding for GDPR because it’s a point-a-click configuration. If we had chosen another solution, it would have been an Apex class we'd have to develop, but with Odaseva it’s point-and-click. We don’t want to develop something if there is a company that will do the job for us well. That’s why we chose Salesforce, and that's why we’ve chosen Odaseva."


Empowering Accor to focus on its business instead of on data management

Since implementing Odaseva in 2019, the platform has helped Accor avoid business continuity interruptions, streamline developer processes, comply with data privacy regulations, and improve its guests’ and employees’ experiences. For example, Accor once experienced an incident where data was accidentally deleted during a data migration. With Odaseva in place, they quickly reversed the problem. Restoring the data to a previous backup helped them dodge a potential highly-disruptive incident.

Odaseva’s Sandbox Seeding helps Accor optimize release management by giving developer teams the ability to refresh sandboxes before each new release, saving hours of developer time on each release and avoiding manual processes. And all of Accor’s Salesforce Knowledge articles and data in 2,100 objects are backed up and can be restored if necessary.

“We are very satisfied with Odaseva’s solutions. They meet our needs very well and are an excellent fit for Accor’s needs,” says Mathieu. “Our business is hospitality, and Odaseva enables our teams to focus on delivering solutions that differentiate Accor in the hospitality space instead of coding our own data management solutions. We can focus on the business rules instead of building the technology.”

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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