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Salesforce DataOps

Innovate at Speed with Quality using Customer Data

Distribute Salesforce Data to Data Lake and make DevOps compatible with Salesforce Technical Data based products (CPQ, CMS, Vlocity..)





More Powerful DX


Powered by Artificial Intelligence

External Connectors

Full Sandbox Anonymization

External Connectors

Distribute data to where it’s needed
Extract from Salesforce once and feed your Data Lake with large volumes of records.

  • Distribute Data to a Data Lake

  • 6 Connectors: Azure Blob Storage, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, SFTP
  • Large Data Volume Proven

Salesforce DX²

Salesforce DX²

Innovate with technical data
Expand DevOps to include Data by deploying technical reference data for Vlocity, CPQ, CMS, etc.

  • Salesforce DX Data Plugin

  • Deploy Vlocity, CMS, CPQ, Veeva, …
  • Manage Dev/Test Sandbox Data
  • UI, API or CLI driven

Salesforce Data Protection Backup

AI Governor Limits

Governor Limits AI

Anticipate data usage
Manage Salesforce governor limits through capacity monitoring and prediction with AI.

  • Avoid hitting Salesforce Governor Limits
  • AI technology: 6 months prediction
  • Storage, API, Emails, …

Odaseva is built for multiple consumption models 

Odaseva platform
Salesforce Governor Limit monitoring

Low Code

Customers can customize Odaseva DataOps with point & clicks and configuring Json.

Pro Code: API and Salesforce DX Plugin (CLI)

Customers can develop advanced data scripts and data integration using Odaseva Rest API or Salesforce DX powered by Odaseva.


“With its data governance tools, Odaseva enables Salesforce projects to be delivered faster, while also ensuring best data quality standards”

Remi Poujeaux

Doina Popa

Salesforce CTA | Managing Director & CEO InnoTrue

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