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How Odaseva helps Transport for NSW make the state a better place to live, work, and visit

Transport for NSW leads the development of safe, integrated, efficient transport systems for the residents and visitors of New South Wales, Australia. Every day, millions of customers use the agency’s roads, buses, ferries, railroads, air transport and more.

The agency has scaled up its adoption of Salesforce over the years and now has 18 orgs that manage a broad range of use cases, primarily for case and workload management, and managing customer feedback. For example, when Uber and other ride-sharing apps became a dominating force in local transport, Transport for NSW established a new Salesforce org to manage the licensing process for drivers, ensure safety protocols were met, and other compliance measures. They also use Salesforce Field Service Management to route tow truck drivers and allow customers to identify the location of their towed car which replaced a slower, manual paper-based process.

Throughout their scale-up of the Salesforce platform, the Transport CRM team realized they needed to better protect and control the mission-critical data in their large and complex Salesforce environments.


Maintaining compliance while protecting customer data

The data that Transport for NSW collects and stores in Salesforce is necessary for complying with regulations, so it must be protected through frequent backups and the ability to restore the data if necessary. For example, Transport for NSW is legislated to ensure that citizens’ data is reliably stored and can be retrieved as required.

Third-party developers also have access to the Transport for NSW’s test environments, which necessitates protecting sandbox data.

Why Odaseva

One provider stands out by going above and beyond exacting criteria
Transport for NSW has several orgs that have very complex data models. The CRM Team sought an enterprise-grade Salesforce data management solution and while two potential providers met the criteria, it was Odaseva that went above and beyond the basic requirements.
"The evaluation came down to two providers, and the differentiator was Odaseva's Managed Backup Services. Odaseva was much more engaged in the setup, the monitoring, and the ongoing use of the solution. Odaseva knew how to work with large customers like us and we had confidence that the product was going to do what we needed in a complicated Salesforce environment."


True enterprise-grade data protection is more than "just" backup
Odaseva protects 18 Salesforce orgs for Transport for NSW with Backup and Restore, Sandbox Anonymization, and Sandbox Seeding.

Odaseva backs up 352GB of data across 2100 objects.

Backups run weekly, daily, and every four hours.

Odaseva protects a total of 176 million records for the agency, while using only 0.08% of their available BULK API calls and 1.88% of REST API calls.


Cost-effective protection, faster development

Transport for NSW has true enterprise-grade data management for the agency’s most important data. The transport system that services NSW’s 8 million residents, 500,000 businesses, and 30 million visitors each year uses Odaseva to protect their most important data, reduce costs, and speed up testing.

“It’s a cost-effective use of citizens’ tax dollars,” says James. “Odaseva saves us time in setting up test environments so overall the ROI is a positive thing to combine with assurance and compliance.”

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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