Odaseva helps Oxfam GB focus on overcoming poverty and social injustice

Oxfam GB is a global nonprofit organization working to end the injustice of poverty. It has affiliations in 20 countries and dedicates its resources to emergency response and preparedness, as well as programs to overcome poverty, campaign for social justice, and provide public education.
“Today, with Odaseva, we have data protection, operations, data privacy automation, and security on a single platform, available from a single pane of glass. We know where all our data is. We don’t have to worry that our data is moving around. And we know where it is being stored. It makes life infinitely easier for us. And it allows us to keep a laser focus on fighting to end poverty.”


Meeting compliance requirements while safeguarding data—and scaling up

Even nonprofits must adhere to compliance and data privacy laws, and Oxfam GB needed help. The organization has a public-records retention policy for storing, backing up, archiving, and destroying documents and, like other European entities, is subject to data protection and privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Oxfam GB also needed to ensure that it could scale while continuing to safeguard the personal data of its supporters. Oxfam GB keeps and manages that data in Salesforce—a foundational component in Oxfam GB’s ability to serve and document its many charitable missions around the globe.

Oxfam GB’s primary goal was ensuring it had a bulletproof backup and restore strategy for its Salesforce database which includes not only user data, but also the metadata behind it.

Why Odaseva

A full-featured, flexible data management platform
The Oxfam GB team turned to Odaseva to automate data backup and restore, retention processes, and to ensure regulatory compliance. They knew that in moving to the cloud, they needed to partner their Salesforce platform with an enterprise-class backup solution for securing supporter data. So they chose the Odaseva Platform.


A multi-dimensional data management toolset
Oxfam GB chose Odaseva for Backup and Restore, Archiving, and Sandbox Anonymization.


Transparency, insights, testing, and daily operations made easy

Odaseva automates backup, restore, and archiving for Salesforce data and metadata—allowing Oxfam GB to stay focused on its global mission. Because Odaseva offers critical functionalities on a single platform, Oxfam’s team finds daily operations to be more streamlined.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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