Remy Cointreau

Odaseva helps Rémy Cointreau protect business continuity and innovate faster

Rémy Cointreau is a French family-run Group whose origins date back to 1724 and distributes today multiple high-end liquor and spirit brands around the world, including the famous Rémy Martin and LOUIS XIII cognacs.

As the group transforms its distribution model towards a more direct-to-consumer approach, they’ve scaled up their use of Salesforce to better know their customers. Given the importance of this mission-critical data, they found that managing and protecting the data is just as important as collecting it.


Salesforce data management for dynamic global enterprises isn’t easy

Leadership at Rémy Cointreau discovered that protecting their Salesforce data in the event of an unforeseen mishap meant more than putting a basic backup and restore process in place. They needed an enterprise-grade solution that could meet the rigorous requirements of their global B2B and B2C operations.

And data protection was just one part of a complete Salesforce data management solution. The group also needed an efficient, dependable way to replicate data between Salesforce orgs. This would allow them to quickly launch new projects, giving them a competitive advantage.

With their requirements scoped out, they turned to the market for a solution.

Why Odaseva

A partnership chosen through trust, expertise, and capability
Rémy Cointreau sought a partner that could not only provide the necessary tools and services, but one with a team that could also understand their overall business strategy and specific needs while allowing them to continue to grow. Odaseva checked every box.
"We discovered Odaseva thanks to Salesforce. We ultimately chose Odaseva because we felt strongly that we could trust them, which was very important given the importance of protecting our data. The engagement from the Odaseva team, and their understanding of our needs and how they can support us, was the most important factor in a long term partnership."


A successful platform approach with:

Data Protection

  • Backup and Restore
  • Restore Readiness Audits

Data Automation:

  • Sandbox Seeding
  • Data App Builder

Odaseva backs up 42GB of data across 1900 objects

Backups run weekly, daily, and every four hours

Backups run in just 8 minutes

Odaseva protects a total of 21 million records for the group, while using only 0.0018% of their available BULK API calls and 3.41% of REST API calls.


Protecting business continuity with backup and restore, fueling innovation with data automation tools

Rather than implementing point solutions to address individual challenges, the Odaseva Enterprise Data Platform helps Rémy Cointreau protect business continuity and innovate faster.

If disaster strikes, their backup plan is running and there’s a process in place to restore the data. “I sleep better at night because now we know the data is safe, and we are working with a company that we know we can trust,” says Pasqual.

Odaseva’s data automation tools gives the group a competitive advantage too, enabling the group to launch new projects quickly – not wasting months on data migration. “Working with Odaseva on data replication shaved months off the time it took to launch a new B2B project,” says Pasqual. “And it’s not just a topic of time, but a topic of trust that we are going to migrate the right data. I’m not sure without Odaseva that you can have trust in the data that you replicated.”

Pasqual also says he appreciates Odaseva’s forward-thinking mindset towards new data management challenges. “Odaseva builds on innovative topics for which we don’t have an answer today, like Residency-as-a-Service. As new needs arrive, like data laws in China, it gets complicated because we are collecting more and more data. If we can’t use this data, then it’s useless. So we see that innovation as something that’s very important to us.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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