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How Odaseva Data Archiving Allows a Global Transportation Enterprise to Scale Up on Salesforce


Reducing data and file volume - fast

A very large international transportation company manages massive volumes of data and files in Salesforce. The company receives and generates 400,000 emails every day, and processing that volume of emails and cases creates problems such as data skew and log issues. Their hierarchy model causes additional complexity because of the number of relationships related to the case object, with some parent objects having 10,000 children.

They also reached Salesforce’s limit for files, even after Salesforce increased the company’s allotted file capacity to 100 million (more than three times the standard capacity). As they approached the 100 million hard limit, they had to either delete files or find another solution for managing the rising volume – fast.

Why Odaseva

An aggressive Salesforce data archiving model

The Odaseva Enterprise Data Platform solved these complex data management challenges with Data Archiving. Files are archived once they meet predefined criteria, and the data is archived off the Salesforce platform while still accessible in production. For example the company can see which emails are related to a case even if they’re archived, and in Salesforce they can see the data that’s archived with Odaseva via a dedicated Odaseva component. 

Odaseva Data Archiving also takes the data model’s parent-children relationships into account and ensures that the remaining production data isn’t impacted when other records are deleted.

They also leveraged the expertise of the Odaseva Expert Services team to assist with custom solutions to their very advanced archiving challenges. 


A multi-pronged approach with:

Data Protection

  • Backup and Restore
  • Data Archiving
  • Restore Readiness Audits
  • Advanced Analytics

Data Privacy:

  • Sandbox Anonymization

Odaseva backs up 3.9 TB of data across 2500 objects

Backups run daily and weekly

Odaseva protects a total of 1.9 billion records for the company, while using only 6.18% of BULK API calls and 1.3% of REST API calls


Scaling up and moving forward

Rather than reducing the scope of their Salesforce deployment or completely changing their data model, the company is now able to scale up their use of Salesforce thanks to Odaseva Data Archiving. 

“Odaseva came to our rescue, and thanks to them we kept moving forward,” says a Salesforce Program Architect who worked on the project. “In November 2020, it was forecast that we would reach Salesforce limits by March and had to find a solution. Odaseva really helped us. Thanks to Odaseva, we kept scaling our worldwide platform: reducing the number of logs, not reaching the limits of the platform, fixing the data skew issue, all the while keeping access to the data within the Salesforce platform for many years, without too much of an impact.”

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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