How Odaseva helps Schneider Electric take full control over their Salesforce data

If you know Salesforce, you know Schneider Electric.

The Global Fortune 500 energy management and automation company has one of the largest Salesforce implementations in the world, known for its ambition and innovation. Perhaps you saw their CEO onstage with Marc Benioff at Dreamforce.

In 2010, Schneider Electric replaced more than 100 legacy systems with a single Salesforce org—the outcome of a sweeping organizational effort to streamline customer, partner, and employee experiences across every global region, business unit, and offering.

Early on in their journey, Schneider Electric learned that realizing their bold vision required a new way of thinking about customer data. To meet their goals and keep the system sustainable, Schneider needed to make their Salesforce data as manageable and reliable as on-premise data.

"Odaseva helps us manage Salesforce data in a simple, secure way. Where other solutions put the Salesforce platform first, Odaseva looks at data from a more holistic perspective, including our data model, data flows and processes."

Schneider’s Salesforce implementation, by the numbers


legacy systems

3 clouds

sales, service and communities

5 business processes:

sales, customer support, field service, quality management, and identity management






countries, with more than one million identities

8 TB


12 TB

of files


custom objects
Supporting customer success with comprehensive Salesforce data management

Over the course of a multi-year relationship, Schneider Electric partnered with Odaseva to solve data problems that unlocked the full potential of their Salesforce implementation, driving adoption forward and making it easier and faster for Schneider Electric’s Center of Excellence to innovate.

For Schneider Electric, Salesforce data success looked like:

Eliminating data losses before they happen
Ensuring they could never lose more than 15 minutes’ worth of their most critical Salesforce data.
Total security and compliance
Guaranteeing their Salesforce data practices respected every industry regulation and met the highest standards for security
Ability to restore complete data, fast
Having the capability to restore their sophisticated data model, including objects with as many as 30 parent-child relationships—something no other backup and restore solution could offer.
Peak Salesforce response time—all the time
Managing large, rapidly growing data volumes without slowing down any of their tens of thousands of users—ensuring every agent can deliver speedy, effective service to every customer.
Innovation at speed, fueled by data
Empowering their Center of Excellence free to move data between environments, fill data lakes, test new applications, and deliver new improvements at full speed.

Building a data powerhouse at the heart of Schneider Electric’s Center of Excellence

Schneider embarked on a wide-ranging partnership with Odaseva, delivering the technology and expertise needed to solve critical data challenges and ensure Schneider Electric realizing the full potential of Salesforce.
Protecting business continuity

Odaseva Backup and Restore delivers recovery point objectives of 15 minutes to two hours, based on the criticality of different objects in Schneider’s massive global Salesforce org, protecting more than eight TB of data with weekly full backups and incremental backups every two hours.

Supercharging system performance

Schneider uses Odaseva Live Archiving to continuously limit the number of records in production to ensure compliance as well as enhance Salesforce system responsiveness while keeping data fully searchable, accessible to users, easy to unarchive. More than 200 million records have been archived with Odaseva. Read the full case study about Schneider Electric’s experience managing archiving with Odaseva in our whitepaper here.

Fine-tuning and automating compliance
Odaseva Data Lifecycle allows Schneider Electric to apply granular classification to each object in the data model and use highly customized rules to automate data retention and customer privacy in compliance with CCPA and GDPR, all while keeping valuable business data intact.
Fueling compliant, continuous integration
Schneider uses Odaseva Sandbox Anonymization to dramatically speed up the development process without risking compliance with GDPR and other global privacy regulations, anonymizing more than 6 million records and 11 million contacts.
Keeping fresh, complete customer data ready for analysis
Odaseva Data Replication gives Schneider the power to continuously replicate its entire Salesforce org to an AWS S3 data lake at unparalleled speed, without using extra Salesforce API calls.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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