Data Compliance

Automate compliance with data regulations at scale.

Compliance should drive business. Not halt it.

Complying with data privacy regulations has never been more complex, or more important to customers. As data sprawls across industries and countries, compliance challenges grow. Now more than ever, organizations must respond to regulatory requirements and meet customer expectations to improve the customer experience.

Automate data compliance on Salesforce at scale with Odaseva Data Compliance

Anonymize sandboxes at full speed with Data Mask

Avoid data breaches with Odaseva Sandbox Data Mask. Protect customer data in full and partial sandboxes by anonymizing PII at unmatched speed, while preserving relevance for team testing and training.

Data Residency, as a Service!

Comply with data residency laws and maintain business as usual on Salesforce across the globe. Odaseva Data Residency allows local data storage and processing, while delivering a seamless experience to end users. Choose from several different levels of data residency to meet your needs.

Answer customer requests with embedded Consumer Rights

Customers expect Subject Rights to be handled: access to their data and removal on request. Accommodate these requests with the push of a button via our Salesforce Managed Packages.

Implement data retention policies in Salesforce with Data Lifecycle

With Odaseva, data hygiene is automatic. Enforce clear, deliberate policies about what you keep and what you delete. Ensure that your Salesforce environments comply with your specific regulations, and know that secure customer data is protected through its entire data lifecycle.

See how Transport for NSW maintains compliance while protecting customer data

Data Compliance

Sandbox Data Mask
Data Residency
Consumer Rights
Data Lifecycle

Only Odaseva Data Compliance Delivers:

40+ Anonymization patterns

Keep datasets relevant for testing and training, without compromising safety, using adaptive anonymization and pseudonymization patterns

Global Coverage

Implement and adapt as your geographical footprint changes by picking the AWS or Ali Cloud instance of choice for Data Residency

Process 300 million records per hour

Privacy doesn’t wait. Anonymization and deletion operations are performed in hours, not days, even for Large Data Volumes.

Compatible with privacy management software

Define privacy policies with your preferred solution, and trigger Odaseva via an API to implement them in Salesforce.

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