Data Residency

Respect local data regulations without compromising your global SaaS operating model

Data Regulations GDPR PIPL CCPA

New data regulations increase demands on how businesses store, process, and manage data

Dozens of nations across the world have introduced laws that restrict the flow of data. Europe has GDPR. China enacted the Data Security Law (DSL) and Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), in addition to its Cybersecurity Law. India, Australia, and many other countries have rules that require data localization.

Comply with data residency laws while running a global business on Salesforce

Odaseva Residency-as-a-Service automates compliance with data residency requirements so you can keep your existing processes and shared data.

Salesforce Data Residency
Store locally, transact globally

Classify sensitive data and apply clear policies to enforce which data will be stored locally, while keeping all non-sensitive data in your global applications. Keep your global business processes intact, while keeping local data compliant.

Adaptable data policy on a granular level

Define your data policy based on regulatory requirements or your business needs. Apply residency rules on various levels – data at rest, data in transit, etc. You can adapt the rule settings on the data field level based on evolving regulatory requirements or your changing use cases.

Expandable solution for different regions and applications

Odaseva Residency-as-a-Service includes a software development kit, making it extensible to other enterprise SaaS platforms and in various regions across the globe.

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