Helping TechTarget migrate and protect critical Salesforce data


Preserving Salesforce data integrity before, during, and after massive migrations

If you work in tech, you know TechTarget. The Massachusetts-based publicly-traded company is the global leader in purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services. TechTarget’s goal is to help tech vendors reach buyers actively researching relevant IT products and services.

The Salesforce platform is vital to TechTarget’s operations, with SalesCloud at the heart of their sales organization.

As TechTarget grows, their Salesforce data volumes grow too. The Salesforce Outlook plugin exponentially increased the volume of TechTarget’s Salesforce data because of the storage taken up by email messages. TechTarget also acquired four companies, including ESG, within two years. That meant ingesting the data of the companies acquired, and migrating it into TechTarget’s Salesforce org during a one-time migration. That’s a massive influx of data in a very short period of time – sometimes tens of thousands of records in a single day. Backups are critical to this process because if something goes wrong with the migration, TechTarget’s Salesforce team must have the ability to revert back to a previous version of the data to avoid a catastrophe.

Why Odaseva

Superior capabilities, field-tested in similar enterprise environments

Growing data volumes, critical migrations, and the need to ensure business continuity meant that TechTarget required a backup and restore solution that was field-tested in similar Salesforce environments and could handle current data volumes – and anticipated future data volumes.

Odaseva not only met TechTarget’s Salesforce data management needs, but fell within their cost structure. Odaseva was capable of backing up their data even given TechTarget’s rapid growth, says Ryan Donovan, Salesforce Administrator at TechTarget who oversees Odaseva for the company.

Odaseva has been exactly what we've needed it to be. We're a growing organization and wary of how much our data is growing, and we have the confidence of knowing that Odaseva can back up our data given the growth we're experiencing.


Powerful backup performance - and peace of mind

Data Protection

  • Backup and Restore

Data Automation:

  • Cloud Replication

Odaseva backs up 78 GB of data across 1900 objects

Odaseva backs up 38 GB of files

Backups run daily and weekly

Odaseva protects a total of  39 million records for the company, while using  0% of their BULK API calls and  0.74% of available REST API calls


Protected Salesforce data, faster migrations, and helpful support

The TechTarget Salesforce Admin team relies on Odaseva backups for the peace of mind that if something goes wrong during a migration, TechTarget can revert back to a previous version of the data.

“Odaseva allows us to move faster because we can migrate data faster,” says Ryan, who has worked with Odaseva since 2018 when the company first selected Odaseva for backup and restore. “When it comes to migrations, it’s beneficial to have your data set from last week when you jump to 10,000 records the week after. We can find what we had the day, week, or month prior. This is especially important, not just the day of migration, but two weeks later when something might go awry and you’re asking ‘where’s that, where’s this?’ We have records of everything. It’s huge knowing we can go back into Odaseva.”

Another aspect that Ryan appreciates is Odaseva’s customer service and self-service portal. “Customer Service has been really helpful in case of issues that pop up, or questions and concerns. The documentation on how to use everything is great because it can get complex, but the walkthroughs are very straightforward.” He recalls a scenario where TechTarget needed to restore data to a backup: “Just a couple of clicks, find the backup that you need, and restore. Then it’s there and it took all of five minutes and crisis averted.”

Ultimately, Ryan recommends Odaseva to IT teams considering the platform. “You look good if something fails and you know you can go back.”

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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