Australian Network on Disability: A Not-for-profit with Enterprise-Level Data Protection


Salesforce data growing in both volume and importance required protection.

Australian Network on Disability helps organizations employ disabled people, and design products and services for customers with disabilities. Employers, students, and jobseekers benefit from Australian Network on Disability’s network, services, products, and resources.

Australian Network on Disability uses Salesforce to connect people with disabilities with organizations in their network. This CRM data is vital to Australian Network on Disability because it supports growth of their network, products, and educational activities like conferences and training sessions.

As the organization has grown over the years, the importance of its data did too – and also the need to protect it. A perfunctory backup process was in place – the IT team at Australian Network on Disability received a standard weekly email from Salesforce stating that their backup ran and instructions to download the file – but this was insufficient. Australian Network on Disability needed an iron-clad backup and restore plan to ensure their Salesforce data was protected, allowing the organization to remain up and running if a data loss or corruption incident occurred.

The search for a solution began immediately.

Why Odaseva

Expert and responsive team, and budget-friendly

When Ari Perala joined Australian Network on Disability as a Business Analyst, he brought a wealth of valuable knowledge and IT experience gained from working at larger organizations. Ari set out to identify backup and restore solutions capable of meeting not only the organization’s requirements and timeframe, but also the not-for-profit’s budget. He considered Odaseva, as well as generic backup and restore providers.

“Odaseva was flexible and friendly,” says Ari. “Their platform met our needs and they replied immediately, which was important because we needed our backup and restore partner to be responsive.”

But ultimately it was Odaseva’s expertise that sealed the deal for Australian Network on Disability. “One of the benefits that really sold our Chief Operating Officer on Odaseva was that the company’s founders are former Salesforce employees,” says Ari. “Odaseva really knows the product they are backing up.”


Powerful backup and restore

Data Protection

  • Backup and Restore

Odaseva backs up more than 4 GB of data across more than 950 objects

Odaseva backs up 9 GB of files

Backups run every four hours

Odaseva protects millions of records while using 0% of their BULK API calls and only 0.17% of available REST API calls

With Odaseva we have backups of the metadata which is very important as we grow. I can now backup the entire environment before I put a release out. If it fails, I can restore everything back which is something we didn't have before. We would have to undo code changes, and not know if we went back to where we were before.


Gaining the same level of data protection as Global Fortune 500 companies

Australian Network on Disability now has the data protection and flexibility they sought in a backup and restore solution. Ari and his team backup their Salesforce data with Odaseva, and also have the flexibility to restore everything from a single record to the entire database – and quickly. “An organization like us that relies on that Salesforce data – on our contacts and our network – we can’t afford to be off the air for a month if a data disaster happens.”

Even though they’re a national not-for-profit, Australian Network on Disability benefits from the same level of data protection as the Global Fortune 500 companies that use the Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Platform. “Odaseva factored in that we were a smaller organization, and yet gave us a whole lot more,” says Ari. “We now have the data protection capabilities of a large organization even though we’re a small organization – which is something you donโ€™t always get.”

And Ari and his team now have the peace of mind that the organization’s data is backed up and can be restored if necessary. “Ensuring we have the data integrity in case anything happens gives us the surety that we’re doing all we can from a tech point of view to deliver on our mission of helping Australians with disability.”

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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