Odaseva’s Powerful Platform Helps Autism CRC Protect Salesforce Data


Data management for a growing and complex Salesforce data model

Autism CRC is the world’s first national cooperative research initiative focused on autism, collaborating with autistic people and their families, professionals, service providers, researchers, and the Australian government.  

Both Salesforce Experience Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are key to the organization’s operations. Autism CRC built their own project reporting and commissioning system within Salesforce to support their efforts to evaluate, track, and fund research proposals. Researchers submit proposal applications through a custom app in Salesforce Experience Cloud, which usually involves many people, significant time and budgets. Then Autism CRC and external parties evaluate the proposals and score them. Salesforce Marketing Cloud supports marketing and communication efforts, which have grown rapidly as the community experienced exponential growth since Autism CRC’s founding in 2013.

As Autism CRC’s data model grew in volume and complexity, they sought a data management solution to manage the multiple orgs and complex data models. Powerful data protection was a priority, as was adhering to data compliance requirements including data residency.

Why Odaseva

Solving problems that other vendors couldn’t

Autism CRC initially signed with a different data protection vendor, but quickly realized their products did not meet the CRM team’s needs. For example, they were unable to successfully restore a single project record.

After speaking about these challenges with a security consultant who previously worked for Salesforce, Wojciech Nadachowski, Chief Operating Officer at Autism CRC, looked into Odaseva. It was clear early on that Odaseva could deliver a robust solution with unmatched expertise and experience.

The customizability of Odaseva Backup and Restore was one such solution. Because project data is the lifeblood of Autism CRC, even the slightest error could have caused a major setback. Wojciech learned that the Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Platform offered a range of restore options – from a single record restore, to rolling back an entire Salesforce object to a specific point in time to undo potential errors.

Data residency was another important factor. “There’s a lot of sensitivity about transnational data movement among our stakeholders,” says Wojciech. “Odaseva’s services allow storage of data in Australia, which helps reduce complexity and avoids potential problems.”

Odaseva also allowed Autism CRC to manage 12 orgs from just one Odaseva instance.

The support we got from Odaseva was terrific. They have been professional, clear, straightforward, and effective. The custom plan they built for us to manage our Salesforce data helps us focus on our projects and the community that we seek to help without us having to worry about what’s happening with our data.


The Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Platform protects and secures Autism CRC’s Salesforce data

Autism CRC benefits from Odaseva’s:

  • Backup and Restore
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Restore Readiness Audits
  • Cloud Replication

Odaseva backs up 6 GB of files

Odaseva backs up 15 GB of data across 1800 objects

Backups run every 4 hours, daily, and weekly

Manage 12 orgs from one Odaseva instance


“We know our data is in good hands”

Autism CRC’s Salesforce data is now protected thanks to the Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Platform. Odaseva helps Autism CRC comply with regulations, secure data, and make the CRM team more efficient – allowing them to focus their time and energy in their projects, and less on the technical aspects of protecting Salesforce data.  

And as Autism CRC has commercialized their custom app and sold it to other research centers in Australia, these client orgs are backed up with Odaseva too. 

“Odaseva helped us solve an important and complicated problem with great ease,” says Wojciech. 

Managed Backup Services creates a custom backup plan for Autism CRC based on the organization’s use cases, monitors the backup plan, and notifies the CRM team of any anomalies so that they can address them quickly.

Advanced Analytics gives Autism CRC insights into everything that’s happening within their Salesforce environment – from which records were created, updated or deleted, to predicting when the org will hit governor limits, to providing forecasts of their Salesforce data so they can analyze trends and make informed decisions based upon them. 

“With Odaseva, we know our data is in good hands. Odaseva’s data management tools give us the assurance that a potential data incident is easily and quickly recoverable,” says Wojciech.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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