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Odaseva named a “Top Salesforce Solutions Provider 2022” by APAC CIO Outlook


Nov 07, 2022

Top Award Journey

​​Odaseva has been recognized as a “Top Salesforce Solutions Provider 2022” by APAC CIO Outlook, which awards companies that are on the forefront of providing Salesforce solutions impacting APAC.

Olivier Rachon, General Manager & VP of Expert Services, Odaseva, in his interview with APAC CIO says, “Odaseva started with Schneider Electric 10 years ago, and today we are proud to protect data used or generated by more than 95 million Salesforce users, including Accor, Toyota, Heineken, Linux Foundation, John Hancock, and the New South Wales government in Australia.”

Why is Odaseva a Top Salesforce Solution Provider?

Odaseva is a Top Salesforce Solution Provider because the Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Platform helps enterprise Salesforce customers excel at all four disciplines of Salesforce data management:

  • Backup and Restore: Keep customer data secure, intact, and available with the most powerful backup and archiving tools
  • Archiving: Optimize system performance, automate compliance, and reduce storage without losing access to your Salesforce data.
  • Data Privacy: Take full control over your data lifecycle and solve privacy compliance issues at the root.
  • Data Automation: Move data between production and non-production environments, to sandboxes, and outside Salesforce.

And it’s not just our platform’s capabilities that enterprise Salesforce customers (including Global Fortune 500 companies) benefit from.

Odaseva’s commitment to data security exceeds the requirements of even the most complex, highly regulated businesses in the world. Our platform’s zero-trust and patent-pending five-level encryption, and BYOK approach to data are critical for enterprise Salesforce customers using Odaseva.

Odaseva customer success stories in APAC

Learn about the benefits of the Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Platform directly from Odaseva customers in APAC:

Read the REA Group customer story here
  • REA Group: securing Salesforce data backups with Odaseva’s powerful encryption
  • Transport for NSW: using Odaseva to help make the state a better place to live, work, and visit

Schedule a demo with us today to learn about all the ways Odaseva can protect your Salesforce data. 

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