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Customer Story: Odaseva’s Powerful Data Protection Secures Autism CRC’s Salesforce Data


Feb 22, 2023

Autism CRC, the first national autism research initiative in the world, works with autistic individuals and their families, professionals, service providers, researchers, and the Australian government. The organization relies on Salesforce Experience and Marketing Clouds, and built their own project reporting and commissioning system within Salesforce to evaluate, track, and fund research proposals. 

Odaseva helped Autism CRC secure their critical Salesforce data.

Read the full customer story here.

Challenge: A growing and complex Salesforce data model required efficient data management 

Autism CRC’s data model grew in volume and complexity since the organization’s founding in 2013. As a result, they needed a data management solution, one that could accommodate complex data models, to protect data in 12 orgs and while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Why Odaseva? 

Only Odaseva offered the expertise, technology, and enterprise experience to deliver a reliable, comprehensive solution on a single powerful platform:

  • An efficient Backup and Restore solution that offers a range of restore options – from a single record restore, to rolling back an entire Salesforce object to a specific point in time to undo potential errors.
  • Managed Backup Services creates a custom backup plan for Autism CRC based on its Salesforce implementation and use cases. 
  • Odaseva’s Data Residency services in Australia helped reduce complexity and avoid potential problems associated with transnational data movement, which was important to Autism CRC.
  • Advanced Analytics gives Autism CRC insights into their Salesforce records so that they can make informed decisions based upon them. 

The Outcome

With Odaseva’s Enterprise Data Protection Platform, Autism CRC’s Salesforce data is now secure and compliant with regulations allowing the CRM team to be more efficient in managing data, time, and projects. 

Autism CRC has commercialized their custom app and sold it to other research centers in Australia, and as a result, these client orgs are backed up with Odaseva too.

Read the full customer story here to learn more about how Autism CRC secured their Salesforce data with Odaseva.

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