The complete guide to

Backup & Restore your Salesforce


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Backup overview, API options, and performance

Restore strategies and processes

Learning from a customer experience

Minimize transformation when restoring data

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Chapter Breakdown

Backup overview, API options, and performance


Restore strategies and processes


Learn from a customer experience


The complete guide

Backup & Restore your Salesofrce

Minimize transformation when restoring data


Julien Leclercq

Commercial Lead IT Project Manager
GE Power

"The strength of Odaseva does not only rely on the quality of their cutting-edge backup and restore technology but also on the uniqueness of their team as Salesforce pure player experts: they are one step ahead of all the other backup software providers."

About the authors

Sovan Bin
Founder & CEO, Odaseva

Sovan Bin holds 18 Salesforce certifications including the Certified Technical Architect (CTA).

He is a specialist on Salesforce data security, performance, and

governance, and served as a Lead Technical Architect at Salesforce for several years before founding Odaseva in 2012.

Daisuke Kawamoto
Lead Member Technical Staff & System Performance


Daisuke works as Lead Member Technical Staff at Salesforce. The team’s mission is to optimize data performance of the Salesforce platform and to prepare its future.

Julien Leclercq

Commercial Lead IT Project Manager

GE Power

As Lead Project Manager in GE Digital, Julien delivers innovative solutions, mainly cloud, at a global scale for internal customers. Julien manages the project roadmap and the Salesforce Competency Center of GE Power.

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