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Archive Data with Odaseva for Data Cloud


Oct 30, 2023

Data cloud

Odaseva is excited to announce that the Odaseva Enterprise Data Security Platform now integrates with Salesforce Data Cloud, Salesforce’s real-time hyperscale data engine.

With Odaseva for Data Cloud, Salesforce enterprise customers using Data Cloud can achieve relevant insights through business data and powerful data archiving. This unifies customer data to take action on insights with AI and automation in real time, while executing on an archiving strategy.   

Salesforce Data Cloud: Unifying data to create a single view of every customer

Salesforce Data Cloud connects, federates, and harmonizes all customer data, enterprise content, telemetry data, Slack conversations, and other structured and unstructured data to create a single view of the customer. Once the data has been harmonized, Data Cloud empowers teams to take action with relevant data and insights in the flow of work.

Data Cloud processes 2 trillion records per month, and over 350 billion customer profiles are activated per month.

The challenge: Archiving data while retaining its ability to power Data Cloud 

Archiving Salesforce data is an important aspect of data management. An effective archiving strategy removes data from Salesforce while preserving the user experience.

However, removing data from Salesforce prevents Data Cloud from using it to make recommendations, reducing the accuracy of the machine learning models. 

The solution: Odaseva for Data Cloud 

Odaseva for Data Cloud solves these challenges. With Odaseva Data Archiving, Salesforce customers can safely remove data while simultaneously reinserting relevant data into Data Cloud. Because the data is removed from Salesforce and put back into Data Cloud, it preserves the accuracy of Data Cloud’s recommendations without impacting an organization’s data archiving strategy.

About Odaseva 

As the leading Enterprise Data Security Platform for Salesforce, Odaseva helps Salesforce enterprises protect and secure their most valuable asset – data. For more than a decade, Odaseva has offered Salesforce architects and platform owners at enterprises, including Global Fortune 500 companies like Michelin and John Hancock, the most powerful and secure tools available to solve the problems at the foundation of the Salesforce data value chain: Backup & Restore, Data Archiving, Data Compliance and Data Automation. This new integration will empower large enterprises to continue scaling up on Salesforce, with the power, control, security, and governance only Odaseva delivers.

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