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Customer Story: How Odaseva Empowers Coast Capital Credit Union’s Disaster Recovery


Jul 19, 2023

Coast Capital is one of the largest credit unions in Canada. As a member-owned financial cooperative for more than 80 years, Coast Capital puts its members’ needs at the forefront, helping them realize their goals and overcome their challenges.

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Challenge: Safeguard against data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance

Coast Capital’s Corporate Applications team collaborated with internal departments to protect member data by ensuring company-wide Salesforce data security. And then they took this data protection a notch higher. 

To fortify their members’ data against data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance, Coast Capital sought a third-party solution to reinforce Salesforce data protection.

Why Odaseva: Efficient data protection mitigates risks

Coast Capital needed a reliable Salesforce data recovery tool in their disaster recovery plan, that would ensure swift restoration in case of data loss or corruption. As a Federal Credit Union, compliance with Canadian financial data retention regulations was mandatory. This meant avoiding exposure of certain data on public cloud platforms. 

Odaseva‘s robust data management capabilities met Coast Capital’s strict criteria for efficient recovery while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Outcome: A robust disaster recovery plan

Odaseva empowers Coast Capital’s Salesforce data protection with a robust disaster recovery plan, ensuring swift response and complete Salesforce data recovery.

Read the full customer story here.

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