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Automate optimal strategies to protect your data at a fraction of the cost Request a Demo

Turnkey Data Protection Solution
to recover from any data loss

Odaseva combines the resilience of custom automated backup & restore solutions, with the simplicity of built-in Salesforce tools with both Salesforce and customers recognition and unparalleled performance.

Data Loss

Data Loss

Recover from data corruption like failed data integration flow or unintended user error

Data Breach

Data Breach

Protect your data with a high-frequency backup plan and restore your Salesforce in no time (down to 1-hour RPO)

Data Governance

Data Governance

Automate and accelerate time to compliance with data protection regulations

Learn principles and best practices on how to backup & restore Salesforce

Complete data protection of your Salesforce orgs

Built by Salesforce experts for Salesforce Enterprise customers with unparalleled security, performance, scalability, and completeness.

100% of your Data
Backup any queryable object from Salesforce including standard, custom object, sharing tables (e.g. who can edit your opportunities), and history tables (e.g. who edited which opportunity field at what time)

100% of your Files
Backup any files from Salesforce including documents, attachments, chatter files, and even content documents

100% of your Metadata
Backup any metadata from Salesforce including apex, workflows, reports, dashboards, etc.

Complete data protection of your Salesforce
Restore in no time

Restore in no time

Minimize the financial and operational risk of a data loss and keep business running with a complete and customizable restore solution.

  • Supports Single, Partial, Incremental, and Full restore
  • Maintains parent-child relationship
  • Advanced Salesforce Restore options

Managed Backup Services

Save on cost and time with our full managed backup service. Our Enterprise Support team will define with you the best data protection strategy for your Salesforce and then handle on your behalf setup, monitoring, and maintenance of your backup plans.

  • 100% of your Data, Files & Metadata
  • Highly customizable backup plan
  • Full, Incremental, Partial, or Differential Backups
  • Manual or Automated backup schedule
Managed Backup Services

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

The Complete Guide to Salesforce Backup & Restore

In 2013, our CEO Sovan Bin, first Salesforce Certified Technical Architect in EMEA, set the standard of backup & restore concepts and best practices for Salesforce and co-wrote a series of articles with the Salesforce Technical Enablement team of the Salesforce Customer-Centric Engineering (CCE) group.

This publication has been awarded by a Berkeley STC Touchstone Merit Award.