Odaseva Helps Covéa Protect and Secure Salesforce Data


Achieving data protection above and beyond built-in capabilities

Covéa is a French mutual insurance company formed by the consolidation of three brands – MAAF, MMA and GMF. As part of the IT consolidation process, Covéa revamped the customer experience end-to-end by going all-in on Salesforce for CRM, including managing partners.

This mission-critical Salesforce data required maximum protection against threats to business continuity, so a search was launched for a solution to protect data above and beyond Salesforce’s native capabilities.

Why Odaseva

Salesforce + Odaseva = the ideal solution for Covéa

The Covéa IT team knew the company’s database would significantly grow as they incorporated data from multiple brands into Salesforce, making performance their primary consideration when choosing a backup and restore solution.

And rather than develop the expertise internally, Covéa’s ideal solution provider would be one actively engaged in implementing and monitoring Salesforce data backups.

Covéa’s IT team turned to Salesforce to help, who in turn recommended Odaseva.

After a lengthy procurement process, the Covéa IT team selected Odaseva to protect the company’s Salesforce data.


Proactive Salesforce data security

Backup and Restore

  • Advanced Analytics


  • Managed Backup Services
  • Expert Services – Restore Test Assitance

Data Compliance

  • Data Anonymizer

Data Platform

  • Sandbox Seeding

Odaseva backs up 6.8 TB of data across 3700 objects

Odaseva backs up 42 TB of files

Backups run hourly, daily, and weekly

Odaseva protects a total of 3.4 billion records for the company, while using 7.22% of their BULK API calls and 0.06% of available REST API calls


Comprehensive backups, field-tested restoration

Covéa leverages the Odaseva Enterprise Data Security Platform for a number of critical data protection processes, including Backup and Restore, enabling the company to revert Salesforce data to a previous state after new releases are rolled out.

Odaseva helps Covéa be proactive when it comes to disaster planning, too. Odaseva’s Restore Test Assistance allows them to test numerous data recovery capabilities using real scenarios. This is a major advantage that gives them the ability to gauge and fine-tune their RTO. “We’re reassured about our ability to restore data, and to estimate the time needed to restore data in different kinds of disaster scenarios,” says Antoine Mairesse, Manager, Salesforce Factory at Covéa. “The performance of the Odaseva platform and assistance from the team has been very beneficial for us, especially while conducting restoration tests.”

And Covéa benefits from much more than Backup and Restore. Covéa’s Center of Excellence uses Odaseva Sandbox Seeding to populate testing and validation environments, helping streamline release management. Odaseva Data Anonymizer secures this sensitive data in test environments, while preserving its relevance to developer teams.

But at the end of the day, “the best part about working with Odaseva is the ability to run backups with confidence, knowing that Odaseva will either inform us of any issues that arise – or simply manage them for us,” says Antoine.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Odaseva can help you solve them.
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