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Customer Story: Oxfam GB Deploys Odaseva for Robust Backup and Restore of Supporter Data in Salesforce


Apr 27, 2021


Oxfam GB, a global nonprofit focused on overcoming poverty and social injustice, has deployed the Odaseva solution to ensure a bulletproof backup and protection strategy for its large Salesforce database of supporters.

Here’s why: Oxfam GB maintains numerous records of its global network of supporters and donors in Salesforce with personal information that is regulated by data privacy laws as GDPR and CCPA. The nonprofit has a critical need to manage backups of its Salesforce platform through a single interface that ensures the data remains safe and secure at all points in the data lifecycle.

“When you set up an account with Odaseva, you also set up an encryption key that is unique to Oxfam—and, without that key, nobody, including Odaseva, can access your data,” said Philip Blaney, Technical Design Authority at Oxfam GB.

But Blaney’s mission for data security and privacy protection extends far beyond backup and protection for the vast amount of personally identifiable data that Oxfam manages. His end goal is no less than ensuring full enterprise-class data governance, and that means maintaining the privacy and security of data at every stage at which the data is handled – not just within production systems. That’s one reason Oxfam adopted Odaseva.

Even before an organization’s data has gone into production, it may reside in a test environment or sandbox, where it can be accessed by unauthorized personnel. “Any company that is safeguarding private customer data in Salesforce Production but fails to anonymize their Salesforce Sandbox data is pretty much locking the door but leaving the window open,” said Sovan Bin, CEO and founder of Odaseva.

Traditionally, anonymizing all personal data in a sandbox has required a long and costly development and maintenance process. Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, puts the challenge into perspective: “The process of extracting Salesforce Full Sandbox’s data, anonymizing it and then reloading it back into the test environment is complicated — enough so that organizations that can’t afford to develop and maintain a data anonymization process simply don’t do it at all.”

But Odaseva remains a step ahead. Odaseva’s Sandbox Data Anonymization application for Salesforce customers works with the Odaseva platform to anonymize all personal information that an organization may put in a Salesforce Sandbox – which is an isolated copy of an organization’s Salesforce environment that can be used for training, development and testing.

“Today, with Odaseva, we have data protection, operations, data privacy automation, and security on a single platform,” said Blaney. He added: “We can use Odaseva to anonymize supporter data in a sandbox, and that ensures that we are respecting the principles of GDPR. Being able to work with that data in an anonymized sandbox is a big win for us.”

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