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Odaseva Accelerates Global Momentum with APAC and UK Expansion, New Hires in Early 2022


Apr 19, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO – April 19, 2022 – Odaseva, the most powerful enterprise data platform for Salesforce, is making 2022 a landmark year for growth, highlighted by global expansion, new hires, new product offerings and significant data and user milestones.

Thus far in 2022, Odaseva has achieved the following:

* Global Growth

*Newly formed UK headquarters in London making it the company’s fourth global hub alongside San Francisco, Paris and Sydney.

*New data centre in India supporting Salesforce’s rollout of Hyperforce in the world’s sixth-largest economy. Odaseva is the first provider to offer services collocated to Hyperforce. Odaseva is not only compatible with Hyperforce but customers can decide on the data center where they want to run the Odaseva platform. Now, Odaseva is extending to offer the same service for every Hyperforce region.

* New Hires

*High-profile hires include the appointment of Olivier Rachon, Distinguished Architect and General Manager for Australia, who will apply his unmatched experience with the Salesforce ecosystem to develop Odaseva’s business in APAC, hire and develop talent, create new services, and draw from his background to help architect complex solutions with Odaseva’s customers

* New Security Product Offerings

*Odaseva is already the most secure backup provider with the no-view provider capabilities but Odaseva is going further and now offering “Bring Your Own Storage” which will enable customers to host their own backup data and have even better control of their data.

* Data and User Milestones

*Since the beginning of 2022, Odaseva has added more than 300,000 new Salesforce users, for a total of 93 million users

*Odaseva is now protecting 14 petabytes of data globally

Eleanor Treharne-Jones, Chief Revenue Officer at Odaseva said, “Our global growth is underscored by market demand as organizations manage their data, the ‘fifth fuel’, in locations around the world. Most enterprises are moving towards becoming sales-led, as the need for seamless customer service is greater than ever. We are meeting rising demand for our solutions which can keep data close to the customer across geographies, while also keeping the enterprise in line with local data regulations.”

About Odaseva

More than 93 million users rely on Odaseva to keep their Salesforce data protected, compliant, and agile. Industry leaders like Schneider Electric and Manulife depend on Odaseva to ensure business continuity, satisfy customers and regulators, and move Salesforce data to any system. A leading Salesforce partner since 2012, with funding from Salesforce Ventures, Odaseva delivers unmatched security, performance, and expertise to large enterprise Salesforce customers.

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