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Nov 09, 2022

The newly-launched edition of Salesforce Easy, the CRM package, is ideal for small businesses that have less complex business requirements than the bigger companies using Salesforce’s flagship platform. 

When your business runs on data, it needs to have a backup process in place to recover from data loss or corruption. That’s where Odaseva comes in! Export your Salesforce data and metadata daily for free

A free, easy and automatic Salesforce backup tool is free (forever!) on the AppExchange, and is designed to be easy to use and automatic. All you have to do is set up once and it runs in the background, continually protecting your Org. 

When you want more than to backup your data with Salesforce weekly export, export your Salesforce data (up to 50k records per object) and metadata daily, for free! automatically exports every 24 hours and is retained for 30 days. Every export is automatically encrypted and stored in the Odaseva secured AWS Virginia data center. The status of customers’ backups can be seen on the application’s UI and copies can be downloaded in a zipped format.

How is data protected?

Your Salesforce data is protected on an Odaseva-secured Datacenter, hosted by AWS US, which uses the same service and infrastructure built for enterprise customers.

Know what the audience wants

Odaseva understood that there was a gap in the data protection options for smaller customers of Salesforce like those who use Salesforce Easy. Like every Odaseva solution, customer needs are built into the design of to provide the best Salesforce data protection tools for companies of all sizes.
Learn more about and how you can backup your data daily here.

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