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Odaseva Reaches the Top of the Salesforce AppExchange Partner Program!


Nov 10, 2021

We are thrilled to share with you that Odaseva has reached the top 5% of ISV partners in the Salesforce ecosystem.

This is a huge accomplishment for Odaseva (for any ISV partner, really). Reaching this difficult and highly-differentiating milestone is a direct result of the entire Odaseva Team’s ongoing commitment to not only customer success and delivering excellent products, but also to the overall Salesforce ecosystem.

Underscoring Odaseva’s commitment to Salesforce

Odaseva has been all-in on Salesforce since the day the company was founded nearly a decade ago. We are built by and for the Salesforce platform. Adopting and building on Salesforce tech enables us to deliver the most sophisticated Salesforce data management platform for the enterprise.

Demonstrating a true team effort

We want to take this opportunity to highlight that this accomplishment demonstrates a 100% team effort. When you are working alongside anyone on the Odaseva Team, you know that they are aligned with delivering customer success and are dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem.

Not only did the Odaseva Team crush our badge and certification goals, all departments contributed to:

  • Customer success. Odaseva’s world-class Services teams help our customers succeed (and keeps our attrition rate impressively low). Odaseva offers support from some of the most experienced data management professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem, across all phases of the data lifecycle
  • Innovation. Our development teams build products that deliver best-in-class data management for the enterprise, and maximize the benefits of the platform
  • Growth. Odaseva has enjoyed multiple years of 100% revenue growth, and a rapid expansion of our team across our hubs in San Francisco, Paris, Sydney, and remotely (also, we’re hiring!)
  • Leadership. Odaseva’s ethics are aligned with Salesforce’s and always have been. We are committed to leadership through equality and sustainability

Thank you for being part of our journey, we look forward to continuing to help the world’s largest and most ambitious Salesforce customers keep their data protected, compliant, and agile.

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