Data innovation forum
for salesforce architects

A virtual event for enterprise-level Salesforce architects to talk about ideas, opportunities, and strategies to maximize the value of Salesforce data.

October 26-27, 2021

About the event

As Salesforce steps forward to handle bigger challenges, the stakes for Salesforce data grow ever higher. Leading Salesforce Architects know this, and they’re changing the way we think about and manage Salesforce data.

This two-day event will bring together leading experts to share their experiences and unique perspectives around today’s Salesforce data architecture and provide attendees with new and exciting ways to think about the future of data management. 

Who should attend
  • Salesforce architects interested in improving their data management skills
  • Any technical Salesforce professional interested in going deep on data

On-Demand Recordings

You MUST register for each session individually.


Updates from the Salesforce Architect Relations Team

No one pays more attention to what’s happening with Salesforce Architects than Salesforce’s own Architect Relations team. They spend every day connecting with and supporting architects from across the ecosystem and across the world. 

This session will offer a look at trends, challenges, and insights for the Architect community, with an emphasis on how architects can set themselves up for success.

  • Susannah Kate St-Germain, Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations, Salesforce
  • Tom Leddy, Principal Evangelist, Architect Relations, Salesforce


Redefining Data Architecture to Accelerate Growth

In just a few short years, Salesforce has transformed from a high-powered CRM to an expansive system of record that spans the customer lifecycle. In the enterprise, that requires thinking differently about data architecture and meeting much higher standards for data management and integration. 

Join a panel of leading data experts for a discussion of the next generation of Salesforce data architecture strategy, with a focus on the issues, challenges and opportunities every Salesforce architect needs to understand.

  • Luke Emberton, CTA, Senior Director Salesforce Practice, Slalom
  • Karishma Lalwani, CTA, Senior Director of Product Management, Scale Products, Salesforce 
  • Anil Sistla, Digital Sales & Support, Schneider Digital
  • Susannah Kate St-Germain, Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations, Salesforce


The Journey to CTA: What You Need to Know About Data

If you’re going to become a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA), you’ll need a deep understanding of data from multiple perspectives. Even if data is a theme that connects many disparate topics, it’s often a secondary consideration as you dive into subjects like integration or solution definition.

This session puts data front and center, covering the topics every aspiring CTA needs to know, practical guidance on preparing for your exam from leading professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem.

  • Doina Popa, CTA, CEO, Innotrue
  • Steve Baines, CTA, President and Chief Growth Officer, Forcivity
  • Jan Aertgeerts, CTA, Software Engineer, Harrier
  • Lilith Van Biesen, CTA, Salesforce Solution Architect, Waeg, an IBM Company


Navigating Data Residency: How to Remove Localized Siloes While Staying Compliant

With China and India following in the path of Russia and requiring strict data residency, the trend towards localization in privacy legislation is forcing IT to create data silos. But if you have invested in global front ends, can you afford to sacrifice business collaboration on the back end? How can you achieve true data agility across your systems while remaining compliant? 

In this session we’ll review the implications of data residency requirements on data management and how the familiar IT infrastructure concept of zero trust can be applied within privacy technology to provide data agility and privacy compliance.

  • Sovan Bin, CTA, CEO, Odaseva
  • Wouter Trumpie, Distinguished Architect, Salesforce


Scale the Summit with Ruth

If you’re a Salesforce Architect, you undoubtedly know who Ruth is by now. However, she didn’t just appear on stage one day with the Foo Fighters at Dreamforce. A lot of hard work went into all the awesomeness that makes this unique character just right to represent architects, engineering, and platform. In this session, learn about Ruth’s origins directly from the source!

  • Domenique Sillett Buxton, Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Trailblazer Ecosystem and Trailhead Brand, Salesforce


Data Mesh Pattern in the World of Salesforce

Recent advances in software and hardware fields have resulted in ever-more-complex system topologies and a staggering complexity of data management. The problem of complexity now extends way beyond the technology domain, spanning organizational and cultural aspects of the enterprise. Traditional software approaches, such as domain-driven-design and data architectures such as data warehouse or data lake are no longer sufficient. New patterns that combine technical and organizational aspects are required.

Learn about Data Mesh, and join a discussion about practical applications of this pattern in the world of Salesforce.

  • Tameem Bahri, CTA, Global Engineering Director – CRM, A.P. Moller - Maersk
  • Ryan Esposto, CTA, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Digital
  • Irena Miziolek, CTA, Head of Technology, Operations Practice, McKinsey & Company
  • Anand Narasimhan, CTA, Vice President, Transformation & Architecture, Salesforce


Hyperforce: Salesforce's Infrastructure Strategy and What it Means to your Data Management and Compliance

Hyperforce is an exciting development in Salesforce technology, representing a re-architecture of Salesforce’s platform infrastructure.  Designed to deliver an even more powerful and scalable platform than we have today, Hyperforce will support the growth and success of Salesforce’s global customer base and empower Salesforce customers to securely deploy Salesforce apps and services from anywhere while using the scale and agility of the public cloud. 

In this session, Jsun Pe will provide insights into Salesforce's Hyperforce strategy, what it means for our customer's data management and compliance, and how customers can get ready for it.

  • Jsun Pe, CTA, Director, Product Management, Technology Service Delivery, Salesforce


Salesforce in the Fight Against Covid

Salesforce has played an integral role in the global response to Covid-19, providing the technological backbone for two of the most difficult challenges of the pandemic—contact tracing and vaccine distribution—for government agencies, healthcare systems, businesses, and nonprofits around the world.

It’s been a massive undertaking, with major implications for managing and protecting data, and Salesforce has played an active role through it all.

  • Paul Fayle, CTA, Principal, Customer Platforms (Salesforce), Deloitte Digital
  • Albert James, Salesforce Architect, Director, Deloitte Digital


Performant API Queries in LDV/MDV Context: Research & Strategies

Judges commonly ask CTA candidates, "What API would you recommend to extract an LDV Object?". BULK is the answer you want to give to pass your CTA exam, but is it really the right answer? What about performance for non-LDV objects? Have you ever heard about progressive queries? 

For the first time ever, Jean-Luc Antoine will present a modern API approach mixing technologies to increase data processing for MDV (Medium Data Volumes), and Sovan Bin will share research results after 9 years of LDV (Large Data Volumes) experience of processing more than 10>12 API calls.

  • Jean-Luc Antoine, CTA, CTO Salesforce at Capgemini France
  • Sovan Bin, CTA, CEO, Odaseva


An Introduction to Data Ethics for Machine Learning

The rise of cloud scale, machine learning models has brought with them major improvements in how we can address common problems ranging from making recommendations on what products to buy to recognizing objects in images or automating decisions in a business workflow.

These improvements have come about as a consequence of using unprecedented amounts of detailed data to train these models. This unprecedented use of data, however, has also brought with it a host of thorny ethical questions revolving around issues such as bias, fairness, trust, transparency, and control.

  • Lars Malmqvist, CTA, Senior Manager, Accenture


Big Data & its Impact on the Consumer Goods Industry

Big data has taken every industry by storm. Large data accumulation is no longer limited to a particular technology or Industry & Salesforce is no exception to this. To get an edge over the competitors, increase business & understanding customers - collecting, analyzing & insightful action on data is the most important step business has to take. 

In this session, Matt & Jitendra would share their view on how the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry [FMCG] has been impacted because of huge data that has been collected over the decades.

  • Matt Francis, CTA, Global CTO-SF, IBM
  • Jitendra Zaa, CTA, Associate Partner, IBM
Choose Your Own Adventure: Salesforce Limits

While the number of API calls and storage limits get all the attention when planning a large-scale Salesforce implementation, less well-known limits can completely derail your project. With a CTA as your guide, examine the solution design and the performance impacts that only became apparent after rollout. Dive into the details of possible workarounds and the limitations encountered during each attempted corrective action. 

See if you can guess the limits that caused the pain (hint: it involves Email Messages and Files) and help architect a resolution.

  • Carl Brundage, CTA, Master Architect, Odaseva


Automating Security while Reducing Time to Release - Investing in DevSecOps

Over the past decade+ Salesforce has grown both vertically and horizontally into a platform more akin to a business operating system than a CRM web application. Gartner predicts that 99% of cloud security events will be due to human-introduced misconfigurations of systems settings. As such, large enterprises are building SaaS security programs and seeking automation tooling to address a challenge that cannot be solved manually.

In this talk you will learn about common high-risk misconfigurations, how to address them, and how to automate comprehensive security reviews at the key stages of your release cycle. The goal being to ensure critical misconfigurations are not promoted to Production, where remediation is considerably more costly and time-consuming.

  • Cameron Cronin, Europe CTO - Salesforce Business Group, Accenture

  • Allan Jes Kristensen, VP, Solutions Engineering, AppOmni


Data Quality Impact on Salesforce Customer-Centric Solution

Data quality is one of the critical success factors for delivering customer-centric Salesforce solutions for a satisfied customer and a happy employee. Every Salesforce consultant and architect should pay attention to four critical elements to apply high data quality techniques that will help to shape a successful customer-centric solution. 

This session will be a walk-through of the most critical elements and techniques for applying adequate data quality controls from both functional and technical lenses.

  • Mo Salem, CTA, Director, Deloitte Digital
  • Abhishek Pant, Digital Customer Leader, Director, Deloitte Digital


Data and its Relationship to the Other Architect Domains

We all know data is important in every enterprise. In this session we will see the relationship of data to other domains like data security, integration, intelligence and experience from a Salesforce perspective. It is right to say if data is the start, then a data-driven decision is the outcome.

Come join us to better understand how data acts as the foundation to the other domains!

  • Amit Malik, Senior Manager, Global Architect Program, Trailhead, Salesforce


Why attend

  • Hear from industry leaders. Get personal insights, ideas, and stories from Certified Technical Architects who’ve worked on the world’s most sophisticated Salesforce implementations.
  • Explore hot topics and emerging trends. Hear about new concepts, theories, and practices that will change the way architects implement and manage the Salesforce data lifecycle. 
  • Learn best practices and new skills. Enjoy rich technical sessions that prepare you for today’s top Salesforce data management challenges.
  • Get your most pressing questions answered. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and get feedback from leaders from all parts of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Event partners


Hear from Certified Technical Architects
and Salesforce data experts
Jan Aertgeerts, CTA

Software Engineer, Salesforce

Jean-Luc Antoine, CTA

CTO Salesforce at Capgemini France, member of CoE Europe

Tameem Bahri, CTA

Global Engineering Director, CRM, A.P. Moller-Maersk

Steve Baines, CTA
President and Chief Growth Officer, Forcivity
Lilith Van Biesen, CTA

Salesforce Solution Architect, Waeg, an IBM Company

Sovan Bin, CTA

CEO, Odaseva

Sebastian Wagner, CTA

Founder & Master Coach, Flow Republic

Irena Miziolek, CTA

Head of Technology, Operations Practice, McKinsey & Company

Paul Fayle, CTA

Principal, Customer Platforms, Deloitte Digital

Carl Brundage, CTA

Master Architect, Odaseva

Domenique Sillett Buxton

Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Trailblazer Ecosystem and Trailhead Brand, Salesforce

Cameron Cronin, CTA

Europe CTO – Salesforce Business Group, Accenture

Ryan Esposto, CTA

Specialist Leader, Deloitte Digital

Luke Emberton, CTA

Senior Director Salesforce Practice, Slalom

Paul Fayle, CTA
Principal, Customer Platforms (Salesforce), Deloitte Digital
Matt Francis, CTA

Global CTO-SF, IBM

Albert James
Salesforce Architect, Director, Deloitte Digital
Allan Jes Kristensen

VP, Solutions Engineering, AppOmni

Karishma Lalwani, CTA

Senior Director of Product Management, Scale Products, Salesforce

Tom Leddy

Principal Evangelist, Architect Relations, Salesforce

Amit Malik

Senior Manager, Global Architect Program – Trailhead, Salesforce

Lars Malmqvist, CTA
Senior Manager, Accenture
Irena Miziolek, CTA

Head of Technology, Operations Practice, McKinsey & Company

Anand Narasimhan, CTA

Vice President, Transformation & Architecture, Salesforce

Abhishek Pant

Digital Customer Leader, Director, Deloitte Digital

Jsun Pe, CTA

Director, Product Management, Salesforce

Doina Popa, CTA

CEO, Innotrue

Mo Salem, CTA

Director, Deloitte Digital

Anil Sistla
Platform Lead, Schneider Electric
Susannah Kate St-Germain
Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations, Salesforce
Wouter Trumpie

Distinguished Architect, Salesforce

Jitendra Zaa, CTA

Associate Partner, IBM

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