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Forrester Study: What do Enterprise CRM Leaders Really Think About Data Management?


Nov 09, 2021

2021 State of Data Management

Why are enterprise CRM pros struggling to make the most of their data?

Odaseva recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to run a global study about enterprise CRM data management. Forrester surveyed enterprise CRM platform leaders and architects to explore the issues to the heart of CRM data management:

  • Are they delivering the data value their stakeholders expect?
  • Is CRM data helping to drive business decisions?

Below is an overview of the study’s findings. To learn more, get the full study here and watch the recent webinar featuring Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Michele Goetz, the lead researcher behind the study.

Fundamentals are getting in the way of data-driven insights

The survey responses revealed CRM data management challenges and opportunities that everyone who cares about customer data should know about, including that:

  • 85% of respondents say their organizations are prioritizing data insights for business decision-making
  • 78% of respondents say that gaps in their basic data management prevent them taking full advantage of their data
  • 80% of respondents say data security issues limit their ability to make use of data to address critical business priorities

Why are enterprise CRM pros limited in using data to generate insights?

Data security is the number one area that is limiting enterprises’ abilities to use data and generate insights in their critical business priorities.

This is caused by organizational structures that overly restrict the use of data, complexity in determining which level of security and privacy is appropriate for CRM data, and the lack of specialist data skills that limits CRM data use.

How can enterprises effectively use Salesforce data for business decision-making?

We’ve seen enterprises affected by these issues, as well as ones that avoid them. In our experience, the most successful data-driven companies focus on two main things.

Want to learn what they are? Get the full study now and check out the recent webinar featuring Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Michele Goetz, the lead researcher behind the study.

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