Data innovation forum

for Salesforce Architects

A virtual event for enterprise-level Salesforce architects to talk about ideas, opportunities, and strategies to maximize the value of Salesforce data.

October 26-27, 2022


About the event

As Salesforce steps forward to handle bigger challenges, the stakes for Salesforce data grow ever higher. Leading Salesforce Architects know this, and they’re changing the way we think about and manage Salesforce data.

This two-day event will bring together leading experts to share their experiences and unique perspectives around today’s Salesforce data architecture and provide attendees with new and exciting ways to think about the future of data management. 

Who should attend
  • Salesforce architects interested in improving their data management skills
  • Any technical Salesforce professional interested in going deep on data

Why attend

  • Hear from industry leaders. Get personal insights, ideas, and stories from Certified Technical Architects who’ve worked on the world’s most sophisticated Salesforce implementations.
  • Explore hot topics and emerging trends. Hear about new concepts, theories, and practices that will change the way architects implement and manage the Salesforce data lifecycle. 
  • Learn best practices and new skills. Enjoy rich technical sessions that prepare you for today’s top Salesforce data management challenges.
  • Get your most pressing questions answered. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and get feedback from leaders from all parts of the Salesforce ecosystem.

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On-Demand Recordings

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CTA Insights: Practical Advice around Data Management
As a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA), you need a deep understanding of data from multiple perspectives. Even if data is a theme that connects many disparate topics, it’s often a secondary consideration as you dive into subjects like integration or solution definition. This session will provide perspectives from CTAs amongst the very best in the world, on topics related to how to be successful on a Salesforce implementation, how to ace the review board data management section, what's top of mind from a technology perspective and on the Salesforce roadmap.
  • Sovan Bin, CTA, CEO, Odaseva
  • Lilith Van Biesen, CTA, Salesforce Principal Architect, Capgemini
  • Lars Malmqvist, CTA, Partner, Implement Consulting Group
  • Mohit Sharma, CTA, CTO, Salesforce, Capgemini Netherlands
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Metamorphosis: The Evolution of Data Lakes into Structured Data Platforms (SDP)
Data lakes are a significant investment to the enterprise. This is not limited to the cost of data collection and storage but extends to the effort of understanding and identifying the sources of corporate data and how they relate to each other. Data lakes do a great job of supporting “after the fact” analysis and reporting. However, they were not designed to address transactional/operational application needs such as 360 view, personalization, visibility, drill down to details ability, and in-context data insights. This session will explore how to restructure the data in a DL based on an enterprise-wide canonical data model, then expose that model using standard, flexible, and scalable restful interfaces (governed by a solid User Access Control module). This approach is an extension of the customer 360 principles (which is what a CDP would offer) into a broader set of data elements and assets that are part of the enterprise canonical data model. We will also explore the enormous potential opportunities that can be unlocked for the enterprise.
  • Tameem Bahri, CTA, Global Engineering Director, CRM, A.P. Moller-Maersk
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Performant Data by Design
Application design decisions can have a big impact on the performance of your solution running on the platform. This session will provide insights into solution data and sharing architectures.
  • Chetan Chugh, CTA, Salesforce CTA, Capgemini
  • Jean-Luc Antoine, CTA, CTO Salesforce at Capgemini France, member of CoE Europe
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Hyperforce: Org Split and Sync Architecture Considerations
Hyperforce is a game changer for residency: companies can run an Org in each region of their choice (currently 8 countries, soon opening China). Moving from one Org to multiple Orgs is a challenge for the initialization (Org Split) as well as for alignment and collaboration (Org Sync). A proper architecture will positively impact the time to value for project teams, business teams and governance teams.
  • Sovan Bin, CTA, CEO & Founder, Odaseva
  • Remi Poujeaux, SVP Innovation, Odaseva
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Data Modeling: Decision Making
The data model is without a doubt, the most important part of a Salesforce implementation. We often see architects struggling to decide whether to leverage a standard object or go for a custom object in certain use cases. This session will help you make the decision in ambiguous scenarios. We will go through the selection criteria of standard vs custom objects, how to justify your decision, analyze some example use cases, and share our view on how it impacts CTA preparation. This session will explore strategies for deciding between and justifying standard vs custom objects, applying these strategies to sample use cases and top things to keep in mind for Salesforce architects when working on projects and also preparing for the CTA.
  • Calvin Noronha, CTA, Senior Program Architect, Salesforce
  • Georgii Saveliev, Certified Technical Architect
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Architecting for Resiliency and Availability on the Salesforce Platform
While Salesforce invests heavily to ensure a good availability experience for our customers, we also need Salesforce architects to design and build resilient Salesforce solutions atop our platform to ensure high end-to-end Customer Experienced Availability. This session will discuss this shared responsibility and partnership between Salesforce and our customers’ Salesforce architects and delve into the best practices architects can follow to ensure that their Salesforce solutions are highly resilient and available.
  • Jsun Pe, CTA, Director, Product Management, Salesforce
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3 Common Anti-Patterns Related to Data Architecture: Lessons Learned & Best Practices
This session will provide customer stories for 3 common anti-patterns related to data architecture, highlighting lessons learned and best practices for effective data management on the Salesforce platform. Learn about the 3 most common challenges in relation to Data Management and recommendations on how to address them with best practices.
  • Nikhil Jaitly, Senior Regional Success Architect, Salesforce
  • Hua Xu, CTA, Senior Regional Success Architect, Salesforce
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Composability and Packaging at Scale for Architects
Learn about processes, practices, and techniques to build a modular Salesforce org and release new capabilities on demand while keeping quality high based on a real-world implementation.
  • Ramzi Akremi, Associate Director, Accenture
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How a Salesforce CoE Goes from Good to Great
What separates good Salesforce CoEs from great ones is taking great care of customer data to deliver business value. Great COEs build a better data value chain through data governance, compliance and innovation. Join this session to learn specific actions to achieve greater control over your data lifecycle and how to show value across the enterprise.
  • Olivier Rachon , CTA, Head of Expert Services, Odaseva
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How to Implement an Archival Strategy for Large Data Volumes
Archival Strategy is an important Large Data Volume (LDV) mitigation technique to avoid system limitations and performance degradation as your data grows over time. A strong understanding of what constitutes LDVs and how to calculate storage and storage use for both files & data are key. This session will provide an overview of why archival is important, how to prepare for LDV and how to implement an effective archival strategy.
  • Melissa Shepard, CTA, Founder & CEO, Lizztech Consulting
  • Sovan Bin, CTA, CEO, Odaseva
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Writing Performant and Optimized Queries in Salesforce
In this session you will learn about the high level mitigations to handle large data volumes in Salesforce, one of which is to write performant selective SOQL queries. This session will cover the purpose of indexes and how to leverage those indexes as well as how to determine if you are writing effective, efficient queries.
  • Steve Baines, CTA, Vice President, Apps Associates
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AppExchange: What Does It Take to Publish Your First App?
At the beginning of the year, Salesforce celebrated 10 Million AppExchange Installs. Did you participate in this milestone only from an end-user perspective? Let’s change it! It’s the best moment to learn what it takes to build and publish an app. Maybe you are a Salesforce Developer looking for a new way to master your technical skills or already a Solopreneur with a million-dollar idea? This session is for you. This session will show you that publishing your app on AppExchange is easier than you think! - learn end-to-end process of publishing applications on AppExchange
  • Jakub Stefaniak, CTA, Director of Engineering EU, Aquiva Labs
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Salesforce Data Management - Building for More than just LDVs
When Salesforce CTAs and Lead Architects in complex enterprise environments think about data management, the first thing that comes to mind is how to mitigate the risks of Large Data Volumes (LDV). But effective data management is more than just LDV risks. It encompasses multiple solution areas including org strategy, data models, integrations, Apex, dev life-cycle and more. This session will provide a deep dive into how to think about enterprise data management and its broad implications while building your solution on the Salesforce platform.
  • Satya Awadhare, CTA, Architect Leader, Google
  • Gourav Sood, CTA, Director Of Engineering & Architecture, Ingenuity Partners
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What Most Companies Get Wrong about Data: Three Tips to Make Data Work for You
Join AJ van Kesteren, CTA, Founder and CEO of and Wouter Trumpie, Enterprise Architect at Salesforce, to learn about three pitfalls on data gathering, and how to prevent them. Get insights on how to architect your Salesforce solution so that it’s easy to use and delivers actionable information.
  • Wouter Trumpie, Distinguished Architect, Salesforce
  • Aard-Jan Van Kesteren, CTA, Founder & CEO, Sliced Bread Software
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Mastering Salesforce Consent Management
Capturing customer consent and the ongoing management of consent is critical for any customer-centric business. From a prospect to forget-me, this consent must be managed throughout the entire lifecycle of their customers. With regional compliance regulations changing in recent years, every salesforce consultant and architect should be aware of what the platform has to offer to support related to consent data management. This session will provide an overview of the options within Salesforce for managing customer consent and how they can be applied in the CRM system to support real world use cases.
  • Richard Cook, CTA, Senior Architect, Deloitte Digital
  • Karan Gogna, Specialist Director, Senior Architect, Deloitte Digital
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Managing Multiple Identities in Salesforce: Architecture Patterns & Best Practices
Salesforce is a powerful platform to manage customers, partners, employees, volunteers and other stakeholders that interact with your organization. But what if your stakeholder is more than just a customer? What if they also run a business that you partner with? How do you best represent a person that is at the same time an employee and a customer, while still granting them access to the platform in a secure way? In this session, we will share real-world experiences from complex enterprise customers and smaller organizations from, and explore the data modeling options to solve these scenarios with a focus on enforcing strong data access controls.
  • Sandrine Ged, Customer Success Architect Director, Salesforce
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Data and the Healthcare Landscape
As important as Salesforce Health Cloud is, it shares the stage in a much bigger healthcare ecosystem. In this session, we’ll take you on a tour of what data looks like in healthcare, and talk about some of the unique challenges we’re looking to tackle.
  • Gary Breavington, CTA, Head of Advisory & Technology at Mav3rik
  • Richard Enojas, CTA, Co-Founder, Director, Architect, Mav3rik
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2022 Speakers

Hear from Certified Technical Architects
and Salesforce data experts

Stay tuned as we keep adding to the speaker list!

Ramzi Akremi

Associate Director, Accenture

Jean-Luc Antoine, CTA

CTO Salesforce at Capgemini France, member of CoE Europe

Satya Awadhare, CTA

Architect Leader, Google

Tameem Bahri, CTA

Global Engineering Director, CRM, A.P. Moller-Maersk

Steve Baines, CTA

Vice President, Apps Associates

Lilith Van Biesen, CTA

Salesforce Principal Architect, Capgemini

Sebastian Wagner, CTA

Founder & Master Coach, Flow Republic

Irena Miziolek, CTA

Head of Technology, Operations Practice, McKinsey & Company

Paul Fayle, CTA

Principal, Customer Platforms, Deloitte Digital

Sovan Bin, CTA

CEO, Odaseva

Carl Brundage, CTA

Master Architect, Odaseva

Chetan Chugh, CTA

Salesforce CTA, Capgemini

Richard Cook, CTA

Senior Architect, Deloitte Digital

Richard Enojas, CTA

Co-Founder, Director, Architect

Karan Gogna

Specialist Director, Senior Architect, Deloitte Digital

Sandrine Ged

Customer Success Architect Director, Salesforce

Nikhil Jaitly

Senior Regional Success Architect, Salesforce

Lars Malmqvist, CTA

Partner, Implement Consulting Group

Calvin Noronha, CTA

Senior Program Architect, Salesforce

Jsun Pe, CTA

Director, Product Management, Salesforce

Remi Poujeaux

SVP Innovation, Odaseva

Olivier Rachon, CTA

Head of Expert Services, Odaseva

Georgii Saveliev

Certified Technical Architect

Mohit Sharma, CTA

CTO, Salesforce, Capgemini Netherlands

Melisa Shepard, CTA

Founder & CEO, Lizztech Consulting

Gourav Sood, CTA

Director Of Engineering & Architecture, Ingenuity Partners

Jakub Stefaniak, CTA

Director of Engineering EU, Aquiva Labs

Wouter Trumpie

Distinguished Architect, Salesforce

Aard-Jan Van Kesteren, CTA

Founder & CEO, Sliced Bread Software

Hua Xu, CTA

Senior Regional Success Architect, Salesforce

Gary Breavington, CTA
Head of Advisory & Technology, Mav3rik

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